SEMrush studied data from 100,000 websites across 450 million pages to discover the most common SEO issues affecting user drop-off and engagement. Here’s what they found…

SEMrush presented the results of its study on the most common SEO issues that websites face, and it has approached this matter with a thorough methodology. The new research presents anonymous data collected from 100,000 websites and 450 million pages using SEMrush’s Site Audit tool.

My goal was to prove the significance of monitoring technical SEO issues on a regular basis rather than on a yearly basis. To do that, we decided to research how likely this or that issue is to appear on a website at least on one page. Just as expected, the results demonstrated the importance of constantly keeping tabs on a website’s technical SEO,” — said Maria Belkina, product owner, Site Audit and SEO Ideas, SEMrush.

This study resulted in the following key findings:

The most common SEO issue affecting websites is duplicate content, which was found on 50% of the sites SEMrush analysed:


45% of the analyzed sites had image optimization issues

On-page SEO issues are among the most common. 35% of the websites had duplicate title tags, and other issues such as overstuffed title tags were found on 15% of the websites.


30% of the analysed sites had pages with duplicate meta descriptions and 25% of the sites had pages with no meta descriptions at all.


For more details on the study, please read the full version of the 11 Most Common On-site SEO Issues.


This article was originally published on Mumbrella.