What’s the bottom line about link building; is it still a profitable strategy to pursue to earn traffic to your website and increase sales? If so, how long does link building take to help you rank higher on a search engine?

Let’s find out in today’s short podcast or in the transcript below.

Whats-the-Bottom-LineAlright, another interesting article on moz.com… how long does link building take to help you rank higher on a search engine?

You know, we all want to rank higher… don’t we?

The search engines, they can be the lifeblood for many businesses and quite frankly if you can do it well it’s a lot easier than going out and building a community that takes a tremendous amount of time and work to do.

So here’s the thing, according to this Moz.com article it can take months and months to do (to get ranked high in a search result).

It is not something this is going happen overnight and the reason why one to bring this up is because a lot of us create our websites, and we optimize our websites, and we think our websites are ready to go; and then three months go by and nothing.

We don’t hear a thing from Google and folks I write 2000 word articles, 2500 word articles, that are in depth and I can tell you that only in the last number of months have I really started seeing an increase of significant traffic coming from Google and that took two years.

That didn’t happen overnight, so there’s a lot of consideration here. A lot of consideration.

For example, how old is your site? what is the domain authority of your site?

And if you are going to link building; just because you get links from one or two big sites doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

So, if you only getting one or two links in the last six months (from a large site) I wouldn’t be expecting a really big impact on your SEO.

I wouldn’t expect to see a lot coming from a search engine.

It takes time.

On average, according to this article, it takes 10 weeks to see one rank jump just to go one link up.

So, if you’re starting (or just wrote a blog article) and your number nine on page 2, it could take 5 to 10 weeks to move from number nine to slot number five (on page 1).

Links can have a small and medium effect initially it takes time; and I know that’s not what a lot of people want to hear but that’s the way it.

It just takes time.

I would love to know your thoughts on that you leave me a feedback in the comments and tell me a little bit about what you think about this as I would love to hear your thoughts.