Getting people to read and take action on the material that you write is a lot easier if the people that are reading it have an interest, problem or question that you can resolve. To make sure that this is the case, you administer the correct SEO for blogs to appear within the search results.

You may think that you know nothing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and that it all sounds a bit technical for you but without taking some time to at least master the basics you will find it tough to attract targeted viewers of your blog. Really Tough.

Regardless of whether it is SEO for blogs on Blogger or WordPress, the same principles apply and it is a crucial ingredient of your content marketing strategy.

Keywords are Critical

What exactly is your target audience looking for? If you understand your audience, have a good picture of what they look like and more importantly what they want to know, then you can pick keywords that will be relevant to their search.

If the target audience for your blog is dog lovers then what use is a post about chicken recipes? Do you get my point? If Dog lovers are the target, focus on dog training, dog breeding, dog care etc.

Keywords are the foundation for your blog posts. Without them the rest is irrelevant. To learn more about how to select keywords then read. Google Key word tool – The Most Important Weapon You Can Have in Your Blogging Arsenal

SEO for Blogs require the On Page Optimization Spot On

Search engine spiders, the little robots that the search engines send to your page to assess the content, don’t read the content in a top down, left to right approach like humans do. The spiders crawl the page and look for specific areas to help identify what the page is about. If your page is not set up in the correct manner to aid this discovery, then the spiders will use a reference that means absolutely nothing to you or the message you are attempting to convey.

To understand exactly how to get the seo on page optimization right for your work then click on the link and read the full explanation.

Write Must Read Headlines

Write blog headlines that will drive action, in the form of clicks, tweets or shares. Each and every user gets bombarded by messages every single day. So many in fact that it’s easy to grow immune to marketing tactics. What can you do to make your headline stand out from all the rest and ensure it gets clicked on?

Make it short, sharp, punchy and to the point. Nobody wants waffle! Tell the reader exactly what they will get and, if you can, what they will miss if they don’t click on the headline. This brings me to my next point.

Create an Online Community

The future of your online success depends on your ability to captivate and engage an audience. Just like offline marketing techniques, the word of mouth referral is perhaps the most powerful of all. By working hard to stimulate the interests of a community you will develop a buzz about your business or brand meaning your material is more likely to be shared.

Sharing is great as it gets your content in front of more eyeballs and it provides SEO benefits from the search engines.

Building online communities is a key part of the SEO success for blogs. Without that community it is you against the world. Be part of something bigger, create a bigger platform for your message to be relayed.

Produce High Quality Content

Create something unique. A fact based article, a list or “how to” article are great evergreen traffic staples for your blog. By evergreen I mean content that will continue to add value as time goes by. Newsworthy articles on the other hand are great in the short term but add little recurring traffic exposure to your blog.

Mixtures of both are good and try to instill a bit of entertainment into your content as well. Humor always makes it more likely that the content will be shared across social media.

Knowing how to incorporate SEO for blogs is not difficult and it is not overly technical. As with any skill it will take some time and practice to get right but once you have mastered it you will find you will be attracting the right kind of people to your blog time and time again. After all, a constant flow of hungry traffic is what all bloggers want isn’t it?

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