A lot of marketers who begin using video in their businesses get confused as to where their priorities should be. Should they be working on getting their videos to rank well? Or should they be focusing on high quality videos that drive conversions and get shared by being embedded on blogs and shared on social media?

The answer is that both of these should be the focus of your efforts. Good videos can still be SEO friendly. In fact, a good video is more likely to rank well and offer a better return than a video made for SEO purposes only.

Let’s look at the differences.

Video For SEO Only

Some people make videos solely to put more content on the web with their web address or brand name attached to it. When they create videos, they put a simple slideshow together, run some background music, and over the course of a minute or two, they have a video ready to upload to sites like YouTube.

They put a keyword targeted title on the video, relevant tags, and a decent enough description that is keyword rich and features a link back to their site and then they start to get links.

This can certainly work to rank a video highly in the search engines. What it won’t do is help you to build your brand, drive traffic and funnel conversions.

Video For Quality Purposes

A quality video is easy to see, and probably not what you are thinking of. A good video is one that is easy to relate to, of a reasonable length, has quality audio and gives more than you ask for in your call to action.

Quality videos give enough value that even your competitors will want to embed them on their websites, share them to their social media connections, and link to them when they have a point to make that is made better by your video.

There is nothing fancy about making a quality video. People believe that they are not ready for video because they don’t have a white screen for a background, or professional grade video. All they need is a smart phone with a video camera, a steady hand, strong voice, and a great message to deliver.

All of this, combined with a willingness to put yourself out there for your audience to see, and to judge, will usually add up to a successful video marketing strategy.

When SEO Meets Quality

To make a quality video that is also search engine friendly, begin by brainstorming:

    • What topics do I cover on my site for my business?
    • Are there related keywords I can cover in my videos?
    • Can I produce a video that easily covers the query?
    • Can I create titles, descriptions and tags that fit the keyword and general topic without being spammy?

That is really all that is to it. From there, it is a matter of standard SEO practices, and other promotional practices like social media.

Never Compromise On Quality

In both your video production efforts, as well as the effort you put into your SEO campaigns, you need to ensure that you focus on quality. While quantity of and cheap tricks in terms of both promotion and production can be appealing, you are much better served by putting your full effort into everything you do.

Never compromise brand with shortcuts.

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