“Successful SEO is not tricking Google.

It’s about partnering with Google,

To provide the best search results

For Google’s users.”

– Phil Frost, American Entrepreneur

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A Brief Introduction

Keeping track of all the changes that are happening in the dynamic world of SEO is a difficult task. You might have just found the sweet spot of SEO best practices, but Google might have changed its algorithms. Finding the top SEO tricks is not an easy job, mastering them is even tougher.

In this article, we look at some of the top SEO tricks that will help you-

  • Rank higher on the SERPs
  • Drive and increase traffic on your website
  • Generate substantial amounts of revenue
  • Increase visibility and discoverability of your website

Almost all brands are employing SEO experts to help crack Google’s search parameters. However, the dynamic nature of this industry means that you constantly have to keep evolving and changing your strategies.

Google and Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The Relationship

A standard question that often arises is whether Google is going to murder SEO anytime in the future. My straight answer to that is ‘NO’! Google aims to provide the most accurate and definite search results to its users.

SEO as a function also aims to package the content in such a way that it appeals to Google’s guidelines. This is where there is a blend of what Google wants and what SEO provides. Rather than following some grey or black hat strategy, SEO should exclusively be a white hat strategy.

Many people think that it is easy to outsmart Google, and they have found ways and means of doing so. However, they should always remember that Google is a giant, and that eventually you are going to be caught.

Top SEO Tricks for 2019

We spoke to some SEO experts regarding SEO. We asked them about some of the top SEO tricks that digital marketers and SEO executives can use in 2019.

Some of the best SEO agencies, digital marketers, and SEO Experts have compiled these tips and tricks.

1. Quality Long Format Content

Gone are the days when 500 word articles were relevant. Now Google views such word counts as link building content. If you want to succeed (content is still king) you need to create original, long format, and quality articles.

Create articles that are informative, useful and provide a solution. Always have a problem-solution angle to your content.

2. Have a Mobile Friendly/Responsive Website

The world is moving towards cell phones. More and more people are dependent on their cell phones for making search queries. You need to have a fast loading website that is mobile responsive.

The importance of a mobile-friendly website cannot be emphasized enough. Some brands are moving away from desktop and only creating mobile websites. The trend towards the same is going to increase in the coming months.

3. Increase Social Sharing

The digital ecosystem is related. All the components, platforms, and products engage with one another. One of the top tricks for SEO in 2019 is increasing the level of Social Sharing. Share as many articles as you have on your website on your social media pages.

As people click on your social media link and come to the website, it counts as a positive recommendation. Google and Facebook’s algorithm works quite similarly, when it comes to social sharing.

4. Create SEO Friendly Video Content

If you have not yet used videos to boost traffic and rank higher, I do not know what you are waiting for. Try using YouTube, Vimeo, and others to boost your SEO in 2019. A good idea is to use your targeted keywords in their description sections.

By redirecting traffic from YouTube to your website and vice versa, you will get credible link juices!

SEO in 2019: The Final Word

None of these top SEO tricks can exist in isolation. They need to complement each other at all times. If you are able to utilize the tricks, you will help your brand immensely. 4

Let us know what you think of the top SEO tricks in 2019. If you want to add to the list, please feel free to do so in the comments section.

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