Exponential growth can be seen in the trend of adaptation of the online mode of business by the majority of organizations across the globe. Within a decade a great change has been witnessed in the customer shopping behavior and preference as this fraternity has also shifted to the online mode. A combination of these two conditions makes the internet the greatest marketplace being operated on the globe presently.

There are sellers, there are buyers and to connect them, there are websites, social media platforms, blog sites, and e-commerce platforms. To make these buyer-seller interfaces discoverable amongst the vast ocean of competitors and other businesses over the open-source platform, SEO is the most widely adopted strategy. Search Engine Optimization is the most popular practice of increasing traffic on websites and e-commerce portals both qualitatively and quantitatively providing a greater level of brand exposure.


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With the development of technology and IT trends, the scope and preference of marketers of SEO are also increasing significantly. The following few statistics of 2020 can demonstrate the fact of how SEO was intensely adopted and is one of the most reliable tools for marketers nowadays –

  • 53.3% of website traffic came from organic search. A small fraction of 53.3% of 4.66 billion internet users makes a great crowd base to explore for any business at launch or even medium scale of the business development phase.
  • 92.96% of global web traffic came from Google Search, Google Images, and Google Maps this year. This is the googling tendency of the netizens which can be helpful for your business as well.
  • 60% of marketers said that inbound approaches like SEO are the greatest source of quality leads with a 14.6% deal closing rate. This is much higher than any type of traditional marketing approach.
  • 28% of the searches made for local businesses have resulted in a sale.

The stated figures clearly demonstrate the fact that the SEO aspect has dominated the industry very effectively and so will the trend continue in the upcoming years as well.

1. Increase in the dependency on Artificial Intelligence

The algorithms of Artificial Intelligence-based SEO tools are going to enhance the accuracy and precision in keyword research, competitor analysis, insight research, and all aspects necessary to help marketers expedite the process.

2. Voice Search Technology will take the lead

voice search technology

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People are going to be more dependent on Alexa and Siri rather than typing on the Google Search Box. Hence, focus on conversational keywords and building pages to answer FAQs is going to be very much necessary.

3. Mobile-first indexing will be preferred by Search Engines

Your website must be mobile-friendly or it must have a mobile version of it as Google is going to use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking your website. Initially content of the desktop version was used for indexing, but the increased dependency and use of mobile phones and search patterns have changed the practice.

4. Contents must be compatible with the Google EAT principle

Google EAT

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Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness are the Google EAT Principle which will be verified for each and every content posted, be it on websites, blogs, or social media. If you fail to abide by the principle, you might not succeed in nurturing your branding procedure as per your expectations.

5. Long-form contents will improve SERPs

Backlinks are going to be the most preferred method in digital marketing practices and to support that, short or to-the-point contents might not be sufficient. Hence, for the optimized use of the backlinking practices, descriptive or long-form content is going to be useful to rank well in SERPs.

A study by HubSpot found that the CTR for their high-volume keywords increased by over 114% when the results appeared as featured snippets. A featured snippet is a blurb of the copy of the content you are sharing which appears when a user searches anything. Instead of hyperlinks, the snippets are far more attractive and hence can gain prominence.

7. Predictive Search will increase

As technology is making life patterns faster, so should be the search options as well. Predictive search matches search queries to user intents. This is an AI-implementation in which the algorithms keep on recording the searches made by the user of a device and suggests relevant searches after the user types a couple of words.

8. Image and Video Optimization is going to play a lead role

Searching in reference to an image or video has already gone trending in 2020 and it is going to be viral in 2021 as people would like to get more information with less typing. Hence, they can take snaps of articles they need to enquire or reels of events to make their search. Hence, your website must have the compatibility to support such queries.

In a nutshell

Technology is all about making things happen faster and in an accurate way. The same logic is applicable for SEO as well. In 2021, there will be a great dependency on Artificial Intelligence and IoT-based features can also get implemented in the case of engineering and construction firms who are trying to crack their ranks in the SERPs.

What are your thoughts about the recent SEO trends of 2021? If you are aware of any other trends then let me know in the comment section below.

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