Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website more visible to your intended traffic base. For your website to rank well on the top search engines, you must have the best SEO practices. Google is by far the leading search engine that most website optimizes for good ranking. Every year, Google releases ranking algorithms that provide a clear guide on what is expected for a website to rank well.

It is the duty of a website owner to use the most effective SEO practices to get a good ranking. Though there are hundreds of ranking algorithms to consider, they all revolve around five top actionable SEO techniques that we will discuss here.

  1. Optimize for rich answers

Keyword optimization is one of the best SEO practices that all websites must use as a way of boosting their ranking. However, in 2017, things are changing quite fast and website owners are advised to optimize for rich answers. People are looking for answers to their questions in search engines. Therefore, you need to optimize for rich answers for your website to get a top organic rank. Statistics by Stone Temple Consulting indicates that out of the 850,000 keyword queries, rich answers take 45% of what will appear on Google’s top search results.

  1. Improve user engagement

One of the possible ranking factor is user engagement. Online marketers know this fact and use it to improve their ranking on top search engines. User engagement covers features such as average time on site, pogo sticking, bounce rate, and others. The more a visitor stays on a site, the more likely for that website to rank higher if all other ranking factors are constant. Therefore, website owners need to improve user engagement so that more people can stay on their sites for long. There are various tips that a website owner can employ when in need of improving user engagement. One such tip is making the website interactive as your SEO guide in 2017.

  1. Mobile app optimization

The number of mobile app users is growing rapidly. As the mobile market gets big, marketers continue to fight for a piece of the market share. Even Google is still looking for ways of providing a better search experience for mobile users. This means that this market is still open for websites to take advantage of and add more numbers. All that a person needs to do here is to create a website that is mobile friendly. You should give mobile users an interface that is friendly to their devices. This means that you need to have all the pages optimized for mobile users.

  1. Link out to authority sites

Another thing that you should consider doing to improve your website ranking in 2017 is linking out to authority sites. When addressing a certain subject in your website, you need to know the authority websites that you can add as links in your website. This is a ranking algorithm that Google uses to rank websites. Therefore, if you link out authority websites, you will definitely get a better rank on Google when all other ranking factors constant.

  1. Rich content

There is absolutely no way you can get a good rank with poor content. The focus of Google is to be provide solutions to its users. The top pages on Google are dominated by websites offering rich content. You need to identify the problems of the people and offer solution to them. The content you write should offer exactly what the users are searching. As a tip, ensure that you answer the most important questions a person would ask when visiting your website.

Also, ensure that your content is long enough to provide concrete solutions.

These are valid SEO guide that will give your website a better ranking than it has now. You need to follow this guide to make the best out of your quest to get a top rank in Google. You should also remember the role of social media in boosting a website’s rank.