Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective digital marketing channels today. SEO is truly a highly technical field that requires a considerable amount of time to master, let alone understand it’s fundamentals. But given with the right mindset and strong determination, anyone can leverage this to further improve their brand equity or achieve their business goals within budget and on-time.

However, due to its complex nature, SEO itself is the world where many aspirants have met their own waterloo pretty quickly. A lot of business owners and other so called “SEO specialists” have their own fair shares of failures while doing SEO over the years- some even have to endure financial damages- all because of unwittingly committing blunders that have some strong consequences not only in the search rankings but on the overall brand image as well.

Doing SEO requires you to be updated with all the latest trends in search engine community. It also you demand you to have a proactive approach when addressing specific issues relating not only SEO but other areas as well such as content marketing. You have to be flexible, yet remain cautious when trying out new techniques to further improve your site’s ranking so that your analytics report reflects a substantial improvement compared to last period.

Stressful as it is, being a student of this ever-changing art of SEO is a work that is actually fun and fullfilling thing to do. Just keep learning, avoid mistakes, and apply all the knowledge you have gained and see the positive effect it has on your website. Meanwhile, here is an infographic from CJG Digital Marketing which will help you avoid the most common mistakes in SEO, allowing you to make a proper judgment for the benefit of your site SEO wise.


Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing.