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Three Reasons Why Accountants Make Great SEOs

Hire SEOAt first glance it may seem like in the business world accountants and marketers are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Accountants crunch numbers. Marketers are the creative types.

But in reality, accountants can be quite creative. That’s how you get some of the landing in prison :) . But it’s the analytical part of the accounting background that really serves well in a marketing role…especially when it comes to SEO.

There’s a reason I write this.

In a previous life I was an accountant. And in the present, I’ve just launched a new SEO service here at Content Strategy Hub.

If you look hard enough, you will also find a page targeting Cleveland businesses for SEO (here). The reasoning for this will be explained in future blog updates and/or emails. So if you want to see the explanation as well as follow along with the roll-out of the service and its promotion, make sure to sign up for updates in one of the many convenient forms on the page (or just click here).

So why do accountants make such good SEOs? And why should you hire one?

Analytical Thinking

As I already mentioned, analytical thinking goes a long way in marketing…especially when it comes to SEO.

In fact, when performing search engine optimization, you’re going to be using a spreadsheet as much as anything else (if not more so). When it comes to the off-page signals (backlinks, etc.) Excel is your best friend. And anyone with an accounting background probably knows Excel like the back of the hand.

An SEO has to analyze and track competition, crunch the numbers to see what’s helping them rank well, do keyword analysis to see what a business should actually try to rank for in terms of cost-benefit analysis, and so on.

It’s quite technical. Much like accounting.

Staying Up To Date With The “Regulations”

A huge part of being an accountant is keeping up with regulations and all the changes. No matter which professional you go into under the accounting umbrella there are going to be legal ramifications involved.

Well in the case of performing SEO there are also plenty of regulations. Except it’s search engines like Google that are the regulators and there isn’t usually a threat of jail time if you break regulations. But getting your website de-indexed isn’t a great feeling either.

The key is to play the game within the confines of the rules set forth by the search engines. And then you can choose how you want to play…white hat…black hat…grey hat…

General, Well-Rounded Knowledge

A good accountant needs to have a good well-rounded knowledge of the the inner workings of a business operation in general. It’s not all sitting on a calculator, crunching numbers.

This knowledge helps them put (and lets face it…maneuver) numbers in a way that is both appropriate and beneficial to the company’s bottom line.

A good accountant will often be the person you should talk to if you want to understand “the big picture” in a business.

Likewise, SEOs need to have a well-rounded knowledge of marketing in general. The goal in the end isn’t just to rank well, but to make a sale.

A good SEO will have knowledge about content creation (obviously), web design, conversion optimization, marketing funnels, etc.

Basically, a successful SEO makes one hell of a digital marketing manager.

Variety Leads to Performance

You might find that quite often a variety in experience leads to improved performance in seemingly unrelated jobs or processes.

There are always takeaways from each experience that you can apply and adapt to something new.

It just so happens that skills acquired in accounting are very useful to performing SEO. And you can take advantage of those skills, rank higher, and get more sales here.

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