Tools help!

If you are not using tools right now to automate some tasks, then you are missing out of some serious progress.

In online areas where tools exists, sure enough that is an area one should look into for the benefit of the tools.

SEO is an area like this:

best seo tools

If you work with SEO, SEO will always be a time-consuming process for your posts and your blog.

With Google cracking down on certain practices  and making it much tougher to rank even with “legit” practices, the process of ranking higher today takes much more time then it did a few years ago.

It shouldn’t be that way to a certain extent.

If you start to build more with quality than by quantity in SEO, you will see an increase in search traffic from Google more than ever.

Along the way, certain tools will help you accomplish the task of following a checklist of ranking an article in Google.

Beware of bad tools that can get a penalty from Google, and don’t mind checking out these seo tools in this article.

You will need each one of these tools and the only ones!

SEO Tool #1

Traffic Travis


A really valuable tool to own and to use on a everyday basis.

This tool basically controls everything you want it to!

Traffic Travis is a tool I recommend and a tool Internet Dreams loves.

Here is a screenshot of the main dashboard:

traffic travis


Traffic Travis has a good hard look at your blog and recommends some improvements on it, SEO-wise.

This is on the basic level of what the first tab is all about (See the screenshot from above).

The second tab, “Research”, is where you will find a very good keyword and use that keyword to rank your article.

The third tab, “SEO”, will help you understand the competition of that specific keyword, find high quality links for excellent rankings, along with “rankings” and “backlink checker” features.

Fourth tab, “PPC”, is just as important if you are looking to pay for ad traffic and find the best keywords for optimal ROI.

There is so much to talk about this tool.

There is no way I could write about everything, only in this article.

Traffic Travis deserves to have an article of its own!

SEO Tool #2



Part of your research will include looking at the “top 10” rankings of Google, directly.

SEOquake will display the most necessary information of that specific page right in the Google rankings:


best seo tools


I use SEOquake, and is a must-have tool that I use all of the time for my SEO research.

After finding the optimal keyword, I “google” that specific keyword and look at the rankings directly.

This helps me get a better feeling about that keyword and develop a strategy that will rank it better.

It is free to use and it can take your SEO research to the next level.

SEO Tools #3

Google AdWords


Ask anybody on the internet that is working with SEO and they will tell you that this tool is being used by them all of the time.

With this tool, make sure to inform yourself about it every day with the reading of necessary articles.

Google adwords is in more accurate terms, a “keyword” tool for SEO research. It has other functions to it, but for now we will see it as a tool to find the best keywords.

Just type in a keyword you are interested to write about and find other suggestions that will help you rank higher in Google:

Google adwords keyword research


If you are using this tool, make sure you select the “Exact Match” for your research:

exact match


After typing your “ideal” keyword into Google adwords, find a better keyword.

Use that “better” keyword to do a regular Google “search”, and enable the tool from above, SEOquake, while you press the search button.

Use the info provided by SEOquake to further “finalize” and convince yourself that you have finally chosen the right keyword.

Recap of these 3 Tools:

As you conclude from my writing’s point, all these tools work hand in hand with each other.

I use all three of them!

All of them are free to use, plus you can install the “free” version of  Traffic Travis.

The free version will be very beneficial for you to get a good feeling on how it works.

These three tools will have you looking at superior SEO results. It will!

SEO will be much easier to master and easier to get more results!

What SEO tool do you use and you think is the best?