The Best Schema Markup for Local Search

Have you ever noticed those little snippets that are featured at the top (sometimes middle and bottom, too) of a search engine results page (SERP)? These are called “featured snippets” or “search features”, believe it or not. The not-so-obvious answer, though, is how to rank in these highly visible spots. It may not be as easy as you think, but it is worth taking the time and steps necessary for the possibility to rank in what is also known as position 0.

How to Rank in Search Features

The possibility of ranking in featured snippets comes from the implementation of schema markup. Schema markup, also known as structured data, offers a great opportunity for more visibility when it comes to local search that users cannot see on the front-end of your website. It essentially describes the details of your page, increasing your chance of being featured in the SERP snippets. You can’t force yourself into search features, but you can add schema markup to optimize for it. Let’s dive into the types of schema markup that you can add to your site in order to increase your chances of ranking in those hotspots.

Local Business Featured Snippets

1. Local Business

Searching for a local business can be simple if you know what to look for. Simply typing what kind of business you are looking for (restaurant, flower shop, etc.) into Google will bring you exactly the results you’re looking for in what is called the “Local 3-Pack”. As a local business owner, it is critical to have a Google My Business (GMB) listing that is accurate and engaging, so your business has the best chance of appearing in the local 3-pack. Aside from GMB, it’s also important to add Local Business schema markup to your website that highlights your basic company, location, and contact info.

Reviews Featured Snippets

2. Reviews

A potential customer will likely read reviews before making a decision on what restaurant they are going to visit or which product they are going to buy. 91% of online users read reviews and 84% of users trust these reviews as much as they would a friend recommending a business to them. This means as a business owner, you probably want your ratings and reviews to show up in Google SERPs. Review schema markup can help with that!
Events Featured Snippets

3. Events

Looking for things to do in your town? Luckily for you, finding events near you is as easy as searching for “events near me”. Your SERP will pull the first 3 most upcoming events happening in your area. From there, you can click on one of the featured events for more information, or you can choose to search for more events. Schema markup for events increases your potential of appearing in these featured spots.
Articles Featured Snippets

4. Articles

If you are a company that writes blogs or has a lot of press releases and news articles, adding article schema markup to your pages would greatly aid search engines in fully understanding the context of your content, thus providing more relevant search results to the user. There are multiple types of article schema, NewsArticle or BlogPosting being the most common. Depending on the type of content you publish, one of these two types of schema markup may be the best fit for your business.

Local Jobs Featured Snippets

5. Jobs

As a business owner, you need people to work for you. So how do you get your job postings to rank in the search features on Google? By using JobPosting schema of course! By adding this schema markup to the career listings on your website, you’re letting Google know that your content is relevant to these searches.

Many people believe that optimizing for featured snippets using schema markup is a waste of time since there is no guarantee that you will rank in them. This already gives you a slight advantage over your competitors who don’t use schema markup throughout their website. So this should give you the push you need to either add the schema markup to your site using available resources such as or hire somebody with the technical know-how to do so effectively and efficiently. Either way, your business can only benefit from schema markup. Happy ranking!