social and seo As an SEO, you are undoubtedly aware of the incredible importance of social. However, many companies succumb to the temptation to keep their social efforts completely separate from the SEO campaign. Most companies even delegate these tasks to completely different people! It is crucial to strengthen the bonds between your SEO campaign and your company’s social strategy, because complementary social and SEO tactics hold the possibility for massive profits.

Building a Relationship

Even though you can keep on chugging away at your SEO plan and continue to simply let your social media department know when to promote new content, it’s much more effective to collaborate on your social and SEO strategy from the beginning. Once you’ve developed a strategic plan that addresses both social and SEO concerns, you’ll be poised to experience much greater levels of success in both arenas.

In order to strengthen the relationship between your social and SEO departments, hold regular strategy meetings in which both departments can contribute to the company’s overall marketing plan. In those meetings, everyone should feel free to share their opinions about what tactics are going to be most valuable to the company.

Joint Content Creation

One way to effectively coordinate SEO and social is to work together on content creation. Content is key to SEO efforts, but often it doesn’t get many views without successful promotion via social. When discussing your plans for content, the SEO should consider who the target audience is while the social media expert suggests which types of content are going to be the most popular on social.

In order to maintain a high standard for engaging, useful content, create a content calendar that can be used jointly by the SEO and the social department. Use that calendar to share ideas and plan for future campaigns.

Cultivate Industry Contacts

As SEOs develop content, another good reason to keep the social experts in the loop is that they need to pave the way for the forthcoming content to achieve success. Using that content creation calendar will help keep the social department informed.

For instance, if the social department sees that you are developing a post on a certain topic in the next few weeks, they can begin to build contacts with relevant authorities on social. By the time your content is published, the social team should be thoroughly prepped to gain plenty of visibility across social sites.

Track Your ROI

Despite the complexity of social, there are plenty of ways to track your social ROI in order to demonstrate the efficacy of your campaigns. As you leverage your SEO and social campaigns to help each other, a reliable tracking method can help you to see the type of difference it makes when your departments work together!

As an SEO, what steps do you take to improve your working relationship with your company’s social department?