SEO has become simpler, but it is also creating a lot of confusion.

The people most heavy hit with the new path of Google are SEO professionals, internet marketers and businesses who rely heavy on the internet.

This new change comes from the algorithmic changes of Google and from their personalized and semantic search programs.

In simple terms, Google is now giving much more credit to better content that reaches out to more people organically. It is not favoring websites and pages that only rely on optimization of meta tags and link building.

While thousands upon thousands are trying to find a way to make their SEO stick, what they must first realize is that there is no more “auto-piloting” SEO anymore. Find out whats happening in SEO?

SEO even last year, could be treated as something that worked on an “Auto-pilot” mode where one simply optimizes meta tags and content and leaving the rest to link building efforts. Once the plan was cut, all you had to do was to keep an eye on results and follow through with link building.

Now, everything is on a “manual’ stick-shift if you will; because ideas, creativity and logical processes are needed daily and SEOs cannot leave things on auto-pilot anymore.

What this means is that we are eventually going to have to re-define SEO. In 2 years, there will be nothing but pure organic results based primarily on the needs and the profile of the human. SEO will have to re-invent itself once again. If you are thinking of SEO in terms of really giving great information for the benefit of the searcher, you will do well. But if you are thinking strictly business and cash profits and do not have much to give back, you will not do so well since you wouldn’t have much to share except sales pitches and product images. Nobody shares that kind of content; but on the other hand, people like to share meaningful and rich content.

If you are thinking about outsourcing your SEO, you need to think about outsourcing to a more specialized and boutique firm. Take care not to work on a framed and template process provided by most SEO companies and freelancers ( in the last paragraph I discussed why this wouldn’t be effective — SEO cannot be worked on an auto-pilot mode). SEO is about partnership and teamwork, it is about being creative and unique, it doesn`t make sense how doing SEO for a restaurant would work for a Realty unless they are worked at uniquely i.e. from scratch. The true SEO provider for this new age for search engine marketing is first an amazing business and industry analyst, and then an executive of Seo processes.

A good read for how to choose your SEO Company. In this article, the surefire way really just seems if you can make out that the SEO people are into automating the SEO process or actually have a robust human- oriented process to get the job done. Stay clear from companies that count links and keywords as if they were selling fixed products.

This adaptation allows your SEO to be more natural and organic. Pre-meditated SEO patterns and container SEO template processes will not work. If the provider cannot keep the utmost regard of your company and brand or cannot distinguish your industry and market clearly while performing the “process”- then your Seo may fail.