Does trying to rank for your top keywords feel like this?

If so, you’re probably thinking about hiring someone to do your SEO, and you’ll want to know a little bit about how we (I mean, impersonal “they”) do SEO.

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Well, this is how we do SEO.

If you ask most people about SEO, they start talking titles, meta-descriptions, headings, and backlinks. Okay, that’s the blue pill. But I’m offering you two choices… [SPOILER ALERT] (Take the red pill)

But remember…all I’m offering you is the truth…

We’ve gotten pages to rank without any external links at all and we’ve seen pages rank for keywords that aren’t in the title, or even on the page. These aren’t small-fry pages either—we’re talking million dollar conversion pages. Today’s SEO goes way beyond the blue pill. You’ve been down that path, you know where it leads.

Do you think that getting top national keywords to rank has anything to do with my title tags, meta-descriptions, or even backlinks? Do you think that’s SEO you’re breathing?

No…today’s SEO goes back to the fundamentals of Google. You see, every other site is listing 200 ranking factors and listing them in order of importance. We have just one:

Is it useful to users?

Okay, it’s not really a miracle…there’s a lot that goes into that. It takes real knowledge about your business, a true understanding of your audience and a deep empathy for your customer’s experience to understand how to do SEO this way. And when you do, it works better than any manipulation of ranking factors and makes you impervious to algorithm changes.

SEO is not a verb.

You want SEO because you want rankings. Rankings give you traffic and traffic leads to customers.

So, what you really want is customers!—signing up for your services, buying products, or filling out lead gen forms.

But SEO isn’t something you do to your business.

Good SEO works backward from your end goals and creates an integrated business plan on how to achieve them. This builds SEO into your business, as opposed to doing SEO as an afterthought.

You see, we don’t have to beg for links, links build themselves, because we’ve built SEO into your business. Website visitors don’t have to guess at where to go next, because based on analytical data, we have a pretty good idea of where they want to go, and there’s a link to get them there. Need a tool to help you compare products or make a buying decision? We’ve got it, and you can bet it’s better than our competitors.

The best part is, Google LOVES this, and they express that love in rankings!

Seriously, good experiences like this beat out good SEO every time, at least when we’re creating them. So isn’t it time to start thinking outside the box about SEO, and start getting some real results?