SEO is something that all new businesses should consider, and it is one of the fastest ways to build brand recognition. The more your business name shows up in the search engines, the better for your brand recognition.

Here are some brand-building SEO tactics you can employ as soon as you launch your website.

Guest Blog on High-Ranking Websites

A shortcut to greater brand recognition is to start guest blogging on authority sites. Getting your own website to rank is going to take time, and there is no way around that. But guest blogging is a great way to start building links and increasing your brand recognition.

By publishing a high-value blog on a high-ranking website, you can get your name in front of your target audience immediately. Some of them will hopefully visit your site, and you will also build a link back to your site, which will help with your overall SEO strategy.

But here’s the real benefit for startups: The page on the authority site is more likely to rank than one on your own site. And you can even do some SEO on the page to help it rank even higher, which could lead more searchers to your site through the site where you guest post is.

You can use the same tactic for press mentions. If you have a PR strategy in place, you can get mentioned in local and national publications. These pages are more likely to rank than your own page, so help them along by building links to the pages that mention your startup and get the pages to rank for your keywords.

Start a Blog from Day 1

Blogging remains an essential SEO tactic. Blogging allows you to publish valuable content that is useful for your target audience, get lots of keywords on your site naturally, create many pages that have a greater chance of showing up in search, and build your brand voice.

It’s easy to start blogging, but it will take time to rank—and that’s why you should start from day one. People will not know much about your business, and your blog is your chance to show them who you are. A blog will often become the center of your online marketing efforts because you will also use it for your social media posts.

Start Posting on Social Media

Speaking of social media, this is an SEO tactic in itself. For a few years now, Google has been using social media activity as a ranking factor. In general, it’s good to be active on social media and to have a presence on at least one platform so you can share content with your followers and create engagement with your brand.

This is a great way to get your content out there to more people, increase your brand visibility, and drive more people to your site. It’s also a good way to increase links, which will help with your SEO efforts.

Work on Your Local SEO

If you run a local business, your local SEO will be especially important for brand recognition. Sign up with Google My Business to get a presence in Maps and Search, and make sure you complete your profile. Add images, and even add a virtual tour of your premises.

Sign up with other business search engines like Yelp, and make sure your NAP (which stands for “name, address, and phone number”) is the same on all the sites.

Focus on SEO Basics

Whatever you are doing, remember the SEO basics. For example, meta titles and descriptions are still important. These are what show up in the search engines, so you want them to contain the primary keyword for the page as well as being compelling.

Also make sure you create alt tags for your images, and try to publish a range of content rather than just written content. Videos, podcasts, and infographics can all help to get more shares and build more links.

Also make sure you carry out detailed keyword research, or get an SEO expert to do it for you, so you know you are starting in the right place.

Create a Mobile Friendly Website

Google updated its algorithms in 2015 to give precedence to mobile friendly websites in mobile search in an event referred to on the web as “Mobilegeddon.” All it means is that if you want people to find you in search using their mobile phones, you must ensure your site is optimized for mobiles.

It’s not hard to do, and the best option is to make your site responsive, so consider this while getting your site designed.

Enjoy Better Brand Recognition with SEO

SEO is an essential consideration for businesses both large and small, so make sure you work out a strategy early on—preferably before you even launch your website. These are a few of the main factors to focus on when you launch your site, so use them to come up with your own plan and enjoy the benefits of a successful SEO strategy.