SEO Tool

Has your website not been getting substantial page views or visits?

And when you look for your website on a search engine, does it show up on the first page or in the succeeding pages?

It’s easy to create a website – owners and administrators would tell you. It’s making a success out of it that’s difficult.

For a website to be deemed a success, it has to show up on the first page or first few results in Google, Yahoo or other search engines.

According to Mashable, there are there are 2.3 million Google searches every minute.

If your site isn’t towards the top of the list, you’re missing out on some major opportunities,” the site added.

Optimizing Search Engines

Now, this is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes in.

There is a tool called SiteGuru that lets website owners or administrators do a complete audit of a website “to check for common SEO issues, usability quirks, and technical issues.”

Not only that but SiteGuru’s can also “help fix those issues, vastly improving your website.

SiteGuru specifically does the following:

  • Fixes SEO issues on a website to achieve the top spot on Google search results
  • Finds usability problems on a website and fixes them to make users happier
  • Solve technical issues on a website by checking the HTML and making it faster
  • Gives weekly updates on how a website is doing and how you can improve its performance
  • Analyzes mobile friendliness, OpenGraph tags for sharing, page speed, security, and more
  • Checks a website for essential technicalities
  • Optimizes meta descriptions, page titles, broken links, semantic structure, and more

To keep website owners or administrators abreast of what’s hot when it comes to SEO, has come up with a list of eight trends next year.

What’s Next?

What are your thoughts on the SEO tool that offers a complete audit of a website to improve its performance? Share them by commenting below.