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Want Your Company to Come Out On Top of Search Results?

What company wouldn’t want their website to come up as the first site when a keyword to their business is typed into Google? Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is one of the most imperative aspects of internet and inbound marketing. The better it is utilized, the more often your website will be found through search engines and the more people will be exposed to your brand. This is why developing a SEO strategy is crucial and knowing your SEO statistics is imperative. It will bring in relevant users that could transform into leads that could ultimately become more sales and who doesn’t want more business?

Just Some SEO Statistics to Mull Over

The SEO statistics speak for themselves; search engine optimization is fundamental. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. It is where everyone starts their hunt for the most relevant information. 75% of search engine users never click to the second page, they stay on the first one, mainly concentrating on the first four links that appear. While you may say to yourself ‘Well I don’t have the money to pay Google to put me as the first link on their search page’, don’t fret; 70%-80% of people ignore the links that pay to be put first. These links are considered advertisements because the company is paying to be there and no SEO is utilized. Savvy users (and more users in general) are aware of this and find the links less applicable to their search.

Notice how Wikipedia is one of the top sites to come up on a Google search for almost anything? They perfected the art of SEO. The best thing about SEO is it 100% free. How can you get involved, you ask? Search engines use ‘spiders’ which search a website and log all the information on it. Surprising to many, these ‘spiders’ don’t analyze just the words on the site, rather over 200 factors of a site to determine if it is the best choice for a particular word search. All of your sites content must be geared towards a particular theme and set of words. This will better your chances of showing up in a Google search when particular keywords that are found on your website are typed in. Search engine optimization is necessary to your company’s growth in this world driven by technology and these SEO statistics will help you build a SEO strategy.
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