We continually get questions from clients and prospects about site rankings and best practices for website optimization. There is so much confusing information out there, so we decided to create a simple info-packed infographic, “SEO SOS: Save Your Site From the SEO Mistakes You’re Making Right Now.”

If your website is drowning in search rankings, you’re not alone. Because of how quickly things change, staying ahead of current SEO trends can be one of the biggest challenges for your company. To help make the process clear and simple, we’ve developed a checklist to help you stay ahead of the SEO curve.

Why is SEO so important?

Without an SEO strategy set in place, people will have a hard time finding you, and will instead find your competitors. If you’re not advancing your position and your competitors are, good luck with being found in search results. If you are interested in having your business succeed at all, you need to have some sort of SEO strategy in place. And, it has to be ongoing.

What are the SEO mistakes you’re making?

We hear completely opposite issues from companies regarding their SEO Strategy. The biggest two are:

  • They are ignoring SEO and haven’t evaluated or updated their SEO strategy in more than a year.
  • They’re obsessing over SEO and making changes to their strategy on a weekly basis.

How can someone possibly ignore SEO in 2016?

Unfortunately, it happens pretty easily. It could be because of lack of a concrete strategy around SEO. It could be due to lack of communication between team members or departments (the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand’s doing). Or, it could be because you’ve come across erroneous information online where someone who’s positioned themselves as an expert has managed to convince you that “SEO is dead” and all you need to do is “create great content.”

In all those cases, your site’s SEO probably isn’t getting anywhere near the attention it deserves.


What does it mean to obsess over SEO?

Although we want to make clear that the “expert” who told you SEO is dead is likely out of work and desperate by now, the whole “create great content” thing does have some legs.

It’s quite possible to give so much attention to all the constantly-changing minutia of SEO do’s and don’ts that you fail to concentrate enough on what’s actually going to bring visitors to your site and satisfy them while they’re there: well written, engaging content.

What are the not so obvious SEO mistakes?

  • You’re thinking strictly on or off page
  • You’re choosing the wrong keywords
  • You’re keyword stuffing
  • You’re setting and forgetting your SEO strategy

In order to be a successful marketer, you have to start thinking about SEO yesterday. Our rank-saving infographic will help save your website and address the obvious and not so obvious SEO mistakes you’re making.