So, you’re thinking about getting into SEO? Depending on who you ask, this is either the best time ever for new businesses or the end of days is just around the corner. The latter may hold true for a lot of online businesses. After all, they’ve spent years trying to game the system. You’re not like that, though, and you’ll be just fine as long as you stick with the actions that work and are morally correct. You won’t be left guessing either. Read on to learn everything you’ll need to focus on with SEO in 2016.


Keywords Are The Base For Your SEO Work, They Are Not The Whole Pyramid

The past ten years of SEO work have revolved around keywords. Experts have argued about the length of keywords that you should be targeting, the number of searches that actually matter, the importance of correct spelling. If you can think of a minute detail then it has been argued about. Here’s the thing, in 2016 none of that matters. Having a keyword in your content one or two times won’t hurt matters, but basing your entire SEO campaign on keyword stuffing is a quick way to get your website slapped.

Instead, keywords should be the first step in a much larger scheme. They’re the market research if you will, and you will need to find a creative way to put that information to work. It’s all about keyword intent, which you’ll read a little more about in the next point.

Content Should Be Built Around Keyword Intent

Think of a pretty popular keyword, something like “how to lose weight.” Most SEO marketers (well, the less than ideal marketers) would craft content using that keyword and try to sell a supplement or weight loss eBook. Those marketers have missed the point, and you should do everything in your power to avoid falling into the same trap.

The key to keywords is to figure out the intent behind those words ever being typed into a search engine. Yes, the end solution for someone trying to figure out “how to lose weight” is going to be information on a diet or some type of medical supplement. It’s not the step they’re on, though. This is an introductory keyword. Someone is trying to educate themselves. It is your job to do so by leading them down a helpful path that ends at your product or service.

User Experience Is Absolutely Everything

The path mentioned above is everything in the world of SEO. Search engines have catered their algorithms to figure out who is providing the best solutions to a specific keyword string. The best provider gets the best ranking. By understanding keyword intent, empathizing with the human being behind the screen, and crafting a “plan” for them accordingly, you will guarantee yourself high ratings.

This is a simple concept, but the execution can be a bit difficult. Don’t despair, this is where your keyword research comes in. You should have a good overview of what your target market is searching for. Your job is simply to find the important steps, get them in the right order, and build that path to the sale. It’s labor intensive, but it is absolutely necessary for good SEO in 2016.

Your Site’s Interaction With The Outer Web Is Being Closely Monitored

Since 2010, major search engines like Google have gotten eerily good at fishing out the abusers of their system. Sometimes these companies are content with just slapping the offending website into oblivion. More often though Google is changing its algorithm to close the loophole for good. The exact number is confidential, but it is known that Google changes its algorithm many times per year.

If you were hoping to sneak in a link wheel or thought about buying a few Fiverr gigs to quickly build the backlinks on your website, then think again. Google is wise to just about every trick in the book, and they’re hanging out at the same Blackhat places that most people get their latest hairbrained schemes from. Stick to the rules that Google and other search engines have put out there. They take some more legwork up front, but doing that work is a lot better than getting caught up in the latest sting operation.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Going

That’s all of the major things that you’ll need to know about leveraging the SEO in 2016. Seems simple, right? These are just the basics, unfortunately. There’s a lot more work that needs to be done, but you don’t have to do everything on your own. There is a ton of deeper information online that will send your business in the right direction, and there are people everywhere that will actively help you in starting or repairing your SEO efforts.