SEOs Should be Working Twice as Hard While Under Quarantine”

Whether your business is in the digital realm, or if you are a brick and mortar establishment, your business has likely been affected by the unfortunate and out-of-control spread of the novel Coronavirus. If it has shown us anything in the digital marketing world, is that businesses have had to lean on their digital resources now, more than ever, to communicate with their main client base.

If you engage in SEO, now is certainly not the time to put it on the back burner, nor is it the time to be idle at home. If anything, take the extra time you have at home to implement some of these increasingly important pointers that will pay back well into the future, especially during the recovery period.

This applies whether you have an in-house digital marketer, or an SEO Agency similar to the one I run working alongside you.

Search Engine Journal had a great piece on this topic–13 Ways Businesses Can Use SEO & Marketing to Combat Coronavirus Impact. Many of these things I agree with– the main thing not to do is to put your head in the ground while you and your employees are under quarantine. If anything, this is your chance to shine online. My small boutique team of marketers is working hard at home for clients.

I kind of view this approach as what a good stock trader does. Is every other business down in the stock market? Perhaps now is the time buy, and buy cheap and at long positions. You want to target buying into businesses that have taken a drop, but are built on good fundamentals and are in it for the long haul. You are likely to see way bigger gains than most others who will simply hop on the bandwagon when the market is recovering.

How does this pertain to SEO? Well, many businesses are downsizing, sending home non-essential workers, or flat-out shutting down. Many of them will either freeze their SEO accounts with someone they hire or even let the in-house marketer go. If you are in this position too, this is the time to be as aggressive as ever with the SEO of your business site. View this as an opportunity for you to gain plenty of placement in any pertinent search engines, whether it be Google, Amazon, YouTube, App Stores, Podcasts, and the list goes on.

Keep optimizing, update your site. Keep close contact with your clients about any limitations or closures. If you’re like our SEO team, let them know we’re still here and still working, albeit in sweatpants at home. The very first thing I would do as a business owner is to give a nice text update about how your business operations are affected by the COVID-19 virus. Place it on your Google My Business posts, your social media, above the fold on your homepage, and any other traffic-generating profile you may have.

During a long and steady recovery period, you will have been ahead of everyone else and reaping many more benefits because of the work that you did during everyone else’s downtime. The Search Engine Journal piece has a great idea– audit your own content, and build on it further, or make it better.