local seo consulting services

Virtually all webmasters are looking for new innovative ways to promote their website and brand online. More are turning to SEO companies for professional consulting services, but many don’t seem to offer this. While a small portion of webmasters need hands-on link building, others are simply interested in professional help with some of their marketing efforts.

Here is an overview of detailed consulting services that are taking off. Learn our insider tips on how we use these services to attract new customers and maximize our profits. Consider using these as an addition to the services that you offer.

6 Areas of SEO Consulting to Offer:

  • Link Building Consulting
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Press Release Consulting
  • Social Media Advising
  • General SEO Training Courses
  • Brand Management through the SERPs
  • White Label SEO Consulting for other agencies

Read a bit more about each type of service below. Think of what you do best, and then offer your service as a consultant. My agency, Rank Executives, has nearly three dozen SEO agencies that we provide consulting for. We get about 10-15 leads per day from webmasters asking for help. We like to say… “If you offer it, they will come.”

Just keep in mind, it does not hurt to offer consulting.

Link Building Consulting

Let clients know that it is easy to fall victim to paid links or spammy SEO services. Offer your services as a consultant to show them how to build natural links and work toward organic SEO. Make sure you let them know that your consulting sessions are pre-planned in order to meet the needs for their company, brand, blog or website. Assure your excellence, letting them know you stay a top of the latest algorithms and analyzing what factors play into the highest quality of links.

Warning: Make sure you ACTUALLY are good at white hat link building. Do not offer this service if you feel that you cannot provide the highest quality tips for clients.

Online Reputation Management

Don’t let your clients worry about the integrity of their brand diminishing, online reputation management can keep their image “crystal clean”. Assure them that you hold everyones business or brand in the highest regard and will stop any negative SEO or false information about their company from happening. Tell them you will use positive online feedback to influence their product development and increase traffic to your site.

Press Release Consulting

Let’s face it, press releases is never an easy task. Almost everyone gets stuck at one point during this daunting task. Fortunately with your experience in virtually all types of new and media releases, consulting sessions will teach them what syndication services offer the best links for your site, and how you can gain maximum exposure. Clients are looking for agencies that have tried out every service on the market. They want to narrow down only the best for their brand.

Social Media Consulting

With the increased use of social media though the last years your team can work with their company to create a strategy to help their social networking efforts. By working on social media sites, you can target their fan base online as well as generate leads to help boost their company’s profits.

Let them know that social media can be overwhelming. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg… assure your excellence in all of these media outlets.

Social Media Consulting Services to Offer:

  • Viral Content Ideas
  • Getting leads through social media
  • Establishing a brand presence
  • Becoming viral in your niche
  • Maximizing online conversions with customer interaction

General SEO Training

Even a few tips to put clients in the right direction can seriously help their business move toward a large brand. Most webmasters know little about actual SEO. Things such as optimizing title tags and using proper alt texts may beyond their area of experience. Offering general SEO training is a popular service. At my agency we have 3-4 seo training sessions per day.

White Label SEO Consulting has grown substantially after the recent algorithm updates.

After offering these consulting sessions, we have “off the street” clients come in through word of mouth. SEO is getting widely popular, make sure you let people know that with your help… they too can get top results.

You would be surprised how many agencies are looking for white label consulting. Many SEO companies fail to meet client expectations and need someone’s help to provide the best quality services to their clients.

Promote yourself as a white label SEO company and you will soon be flooded with people begging for your help. After advertising our own white label services at Rank Executives, we signed up nearly 4 dozen SEO companies around the United States.

Brand Management through Search Engines

Tell clients that SEO is your job and your duty. Assure them that your services as a consultant do not stop at ranking sites. Many customers are looking for detailed brand management through all avenues of internet marketing. Say yes to every question that have, but make sure you actually follow through on your promises.

We set up a project management system to communicate with each and every client on a day to day basis. After doing this, many other SEO companies come to us for white label services. You would be surprised how much of an impact good customer service has on your brands image.

5 Tips for SEO Consulting

  • Make sure you are an industry leader in the consulting services you offer. You will be flooded with leads, but they will soon stop coming if you cannot provide high quality consulting
  • Consider attending a seminar focused around the sessions you plan to offer. You may find some new things to pitch clients, or learn better ways to teach them.
  • Asking for help is not bad. Many SEO consultants are not great at PPC, for example. They may need the help of a PPC consultant before offering Adwords Consulting.
  • Plan ahead of time. Clients want a powerpoint or an outline to look over once their consulting session is done. This lets them know that you actually worked for them.
  • Never get stumped. If you can’t answer a question on the spot, let them know you are going to ask someone else in your office. Walk away and research the answer. Admitting that you don’t know the answer may be a quick way to lose a client. That being said… do not lie or make up an answer. A vague answer is better than lying.