You are a merchant, and are finally getting some traffic, but want to capitalize on your products and current offerings. An SEO team or SEO service is a good idea to get more traffic and capitalize on a search behavior of a consumer, but you need to make sure it is the right time and the right fit. Here are some tips to help you judge whether to make the investment into SEO to get more sales and targeted traffic.

There are consumers performing a search behavior.


This one might be the toughest to judge. How do you know if people are searching for you? Asking an SEO company is a good start, and almost every SEO company should be able to tell you. You can look into the Google AdWords keyword tool and put in your URL and, based on the keywords already there, it should send you a list of keywords that people are searching for related to you if they are similar to you and your business. You can also use SEMRush and see what you rank for. If you are on page 2-10 for a bunch of phrases with high search volume, having an SEO agency take you the rest of the way is a good idea.

You have no time.

SEO is very hard. SEO is VERY hard. There is a reason there are so many “SEO is dead” articles out there. Many SEO professionals give up and cannot help optimize their clients’ sites anymore, or what they did no longer works. Or, better yet, they are just stuck in their ways, and what used to work for them no longer works anymore. If it is hard for these professionals, imagine how hard it is for a single person who is managing or running an e-commerce business or website-based business.

Bringing on a team can improve your learning curve and apply industry insight that would take many years to learn on your own. Plus, agencies or an SEO team run many campaigns at one time, and they can bring a wealth of industry knowledge. There is nothing better than being able to apply years of experience, in a quick time frame, to your business.

You don’t know yet.

Some companies generally have worked with many SEO agencies and have the resources to bring it in-house. They have their own program or want it run their way. If you don’t know how to optimize your site, and don’t want to spend the time to learn it, having an entire team of search professionals is a good asset, and can provide an impact that would take a long time to learn for you and your internal team. Some agencies can provide consulting services for an internal team, as well, so you can have a hybrid approach.

You don’t have the resources yet.

Mad agressive bearded man designer looking on monitor of computer and shouting

There are hundreds of SEO articles on whether to hire full-time workers or get an SEO agency. Hiring a person full time is difficult because they may not have the experience of the agency, and you have to foot the bill for content writers, SEO tools, webinars, and conferences to train this person—who may or may not leave in year. Having a team or an SEO partner is a good solution for someone who is not ready to hire internally or do it with their internal staff.

In many cases, we work with an internal team in addition to what we are doing as an SEO agency. If you do not have the resources to be fully committed to SEO, an SEO agency is a good resource, and the right agency can provide the lift you need to make an impact.

You want it done right.

If you do not want to guess what works or experiment, having a trusted SEO team or partnership works wonders. There are many SEO companies, and some still incorporate bad link tactics, which can end up causing you more harm than good. Having the right partner with the right strategy is invaluable.

A lot of our clients come from dire situations. They have lost a lot of organic search traffic, and they need help recovering it. As an SEO professional, I cannot help but think, “If only they came to us first, we could have saved them from impending doom.”

We can help clients protect their organic search traffic and make sure they are doing the right things to not only protect their organic search traffic, but hopefully increase it. Either way, organic search for many e-commerce businesses is another revenue source. Why wouldn’t you want to optimize it and make sure this source is never going away? If you have a big organic-search revenue stream, make sure you have the right SEO team on your side to protect it.