How to Revitalize and Improve Your SEO ContentIt’s common sense that you need quality content in order to attract organic online traffic. While this statement is true, many businesses think this means having to constantly create new material. However, there are easier, faster ways to improve your existing SEO content:

1.  Observe the Competition

It never hurts to research the methods of your competitors. Their content can give you some sense of what new competitive keywords or phrases you may want to use or what is trending in your industry.

2.  Don’t Copy

It may sound obvious, but there are some people that still can’t differentiate between “inspiration” and “plagiarism.” Research your competitors all you want, but don’t copy their content. No matter how much your content needs improvement, stealing and incorporating the work of others will only get your business in trouble and damage its credibility.

3.  Try Off-Page Options

If you haven’t done so already, consider trying off-page techniques to increase your content marketing possibilities. Options include submitting articles to directories, creating a blog, and submitting links to forums or related online publications for the purpose of link building and building a network. By doing so, you can create a following and attract attention to your web site and on-page material.

4.  Appeal to Niche Audiences

Based on your industry, you might be ignoring a certain demographic that would be interested in your business if they had more information. Pages with the right long-tail keywords might draw new interest, and they don’t take much time to create.

5.  Update

It may be that there’s nothing wrong with your content, it just needs an update, such as new competitive keywords or a revised keyword density. Remember that keywords and their value as an online traffic source change over time, so new ones might be just the ticket to bringing your content back to life.

This article How to Revitalize and Improve Your SEO Content was originally published at Numero Uno Web Solutions and has been republished with permission.