Online marketers can be harsh on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies saying today’s SEO ineffective. But that is far from truth. SEO has just simply changed with the times, too quickly in cogent with search engine algorithms. Despite a few challenges, SEO remains the single most effective online marketing strategy. SEO provides a platform to optimize your local and national search. If your SEO strategy is not working, check if you are making any of the following mistakes:

1. You are impatient – when you are implementing your SEO strategy, it is normal to see negative ROI after a few months of operation. However, continued investment will often lead to a quick turnaround. To overcome high expectations, you need to be realistic and patient because a good SEO strategy can take between 3 to 6 months to show results. Remember SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that promises compounding results.

2. You are not using the right set of keywords – most people focus their SEO efforts by targeting keywords that are very competitive or those that are ineffective. The problem with this strategy is that it opens the door to a powerful competitor to dislodge you from your desired SERPs. What you need to do is to use phrases that are highly relevant to your products or services.

3. You are not contacting your analytics to gauge your performance – some online marketing strategists tend to overlook the power of analytics in enhancing SEO. Web analytics offer critical information that can be used to enhance web traffic and rankings. When analyzing your analytics, pay attention to elements such as traffic sources, content and keywords.

4. You are not incorporating the power of social media into your SEO efforts – there are many reasons why you need to incorporate social media in your SEO strategy, even though links from social media may not directly benefit your SEO efforts. Social media provides an opportunity to increase traffic, visibility and interaction with your clients and the wider audience, which will in turn enhance your web rankings.

5. You do not check broken links – a few broken links may not seem like a dangerous thing to have. However, broken links can seriously affect your rankings and user experience because they can easily drive traffic away. You can use free tools such as SEO Spider to fix broken links and make your site more user-friendly.

6. Your user content is non-targeted – an ineffective user content is one that does not pay attention to the intent of the search query. The three main categories of searches to choose from are transactional, navigational and informational searches. Navigational searches are designed to cater for users looking for a specific business or website. Transactional searches serve the needs of visitors who want to make purchases while informational searches provide answers or information.