If you’ve been marketing your business online for more than a couple days, you probably know the one big truth…

Google changes

And they change a lot.

One of the many Google changes I’ve been watching since it was announced in 2015 is called RankBrain.

To put it simply, RankBrain is an artificial intelligence search system.

We see this in many devices and systems these days. Think about Siri on your iPhone.

You ask it a real question or give it a real command and it makes it’s best guess as to what you meant. Then it serves you up what it thinks you want.

A Whole New Level

With RankBrain this kind of technology is tied into the Google search algorithm.

This is nothing new. Google has been trying to understand context for years now.

So if you do a search for Java, Google decides whether you mean the programming language or the drink.

With RankBrain Google is basically working very hard to take that work to the next level.

Now it not only tries to understand context, it is recording these results and adapting based on your actions…

It’s learning

According to Bloomberg who first reported the story in October 2015:

“For the past few months, a “very large fraction” of the millions of queries a second that people type into the company’s search engine have been interpreted by an artificial intelligence system, nicknamed RankBrain”

Why This Is So Important

What does this mean to you and I trying to market online? In layman’s terms: It’s hard. And it’s getting harder and harder every day.

Here’s a few key things you should know if you’re doing SEO/SEM yourself:

  • Don’t write website and blog content for machines… write for humans
  • Don’t stuff keywords
  • Do your keyword research carefully
  • Watch your analytics very carefully
  • Make sure your website has a great design and great marketing with obvious calls to action
  • Hire a professional to manage your SEO/SEM
  • If you won’t or can’t hire a professional, study this stuff from credible resources and use the proper tools to manage it


The days of trying to figure this stuff out on your own are long gone. If you run a professional business and are doing all your own online marketing, you’re eventually going to crash and burn.

I’ve been teaching people to do it themselves for years. But RankBrain and the hundreds upon hundreds of changes Google makes to their algorithm each year is making it near impossible for non tech marketers to go it alone.

Ask For Help

If you’re doing your own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Management aka Paid Ads), stop and talk to an expert today. Whether it’s me or someone else, just do it. At the very least, get an online marketing checkup…

This is where a company like mine runs reports and analyzes the data to see what you’re doing right and wrong. This kind of audit is highly recommended at least yearly. If you want one… let me know.

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