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SEO is about more than just increasing your search rankings, it is also about creating a better use experience. Check out these SEO tips and best practices.

How to Optimize for Max SEO Value

The goal of content optimization is to make your website’s content engaging and valuable for both your target audience…

Dave Sutton
October 19, 2021

What Is the Best Word Count For SEO?

How word count affects your search ranking and why longer content tends to rank higher in search engines In…

Kerry Dye
October 14, 2021

Getting Google to Fall Back in Love with Your Website

According to research, 53% of the total traffic on your website can come from organic searches. However, since the…

Justin Herring
October 12, 2021

5 Ways to Grow Your New Website Traffic

One of the main challenges of setting up a digital platform is getting the right type and volume of…

Terng Shing Chen
October 9, 2021

How Negative Reviews Affect Your Reputation and Your SEO

Table of contents What Shapes The Perception of Reviews How to Manage Your Reputation in Three Steps Step 1:…

Michel Fortin
October 8, 2021

The Importance of Developing an SEO Friendly Website Design

When you think about SEO, the first thing that may come to mind is improving your ranking on search…

Pam Aungst
October 8, 2021

SEO and the Pandemic: Adapt Your Marketing During COVID-19

While some brands have had to put little to no effort into SEO marketing throughout the Coronavirus, others have…

Sabrina Sedicot
October 3, 2021

How to Use Silo Structure to Catapult Your Search Rankings

Discussions about SEO have become so advanced that some important parts of SEO are being neglected. Silo structure is…

Ali Faagba
September 29, 2021

7 Things Google Hates and How to Fix Them

Every website wants some love from Google. A high rank on Google’s SERP can mean the difference between getting…

Justin Herring
September 25, 2021

Mobile SEO checklist: 19 Steps For Optimizing Mobile Pages

All the essentials of mobile SEO covered in one step-by-step guide, from mobile-friendly code and navigation to Core Web…

Dave Colgate
September 24, 2021

Google E-A-T: Authority of Content, Its Author, and The Website Where It Lives

Google E-A-T, while not a direct ranking factor for SEO, can mean the difference between a website that ranks…

Jon-Mikel Bailey
September 23, 2021

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