Black Hat SEOBlack Hat search engine optimization is certainly tempting to perform. The techniques are simple and attain high rankings within search engines in a short amount of time. Using White hat SEO techniques takes several weeks to months to attain good ranking results. While it can seem like no big deal to use these techniques, Black hat SEO techniques are deceptive and used in an unethical manner that will not get you anywhere with Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines.

Understanding Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO consists of techniques that do the following:

  • Create poor user experience
  • Breaks the rules of search engine optimization and regulations for webmasters
  • Present content in unethical manners to gain ranking in a search engine spider

Many people think that it is okay to use Black Hat SEO techniques and consider them to be the best way to work the search engines. Search engines frown upon all of the techniques and will penalize those who use them in their optimization. Sometimes this can result in de-indexing from the search engines.

Black hat techniques bring short-term results but in the end they result in harm being caused to your website. Attaining short-term results is not the best method for anyone to take who is in it for the long-haul and wants to make money with their site. You want to provide your customers with a pleasing experience that keeps them coming back and this can be done only with quality, time and building reputation.

Some of the most common black hat SEO techniques used today include:

  • Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing involves placing a slew of keywords into content but not much of anything else. Keyword-stuffed articles attract search engines, though spiders will quickly detect and penalize those they see using this technique to gain credibility.

  • Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are fake pages that the user will not see when they access the page. A doorway page is made for search engine spiders and tries to manipulate them into offering a higher page ranking.

  • Invisible Texts

Invisible text involves placing keywords in white text on a white background to attempt to attract more search engine spiders.

Building a reputation with SEO is something that you can do, though using Black Hat SEO techniques is not the right method to take to attain results. Work your way to the top and you can be certain of a long future in the virtual world.