Many search engine results consist of geographic and local search results. A recent study indicated that nearly 80% of local searches carried out on mobiles resulted in a sale, followed by 64% on a tablet and 61% on a PC / laptop. Therefore, analyzing, strategizing and optimizing your site to appear in these local search results is a must.

To help with your local SEO strategy, we’ve put together a handy list of some of the best tools that are available:

Moz Local

This free tool indicates the local platforms you have a business listing on and those where your business is missing. It allows you to identify the key sites you need to target, while also letting you check the accuracy of the details that are already listed for your business.

Moz Local provides a great tool to gauge where you’re already at citation-wise and to help you plan where you’re going next.

Price – $84/Yr


51 Blocks Google Places Analysis

To use this free tool by 51 Blocks, all you need to do is enter your basic business details. It will then provide you with a plethora of useful information about how your Google+ Local listing is optimized. You’ll be given information on how many links and citations your organization has, how consistent your basic details (name, address and phone number) are. It will even be able to analyze what your competitors are doing.

It’s perfect for assisting you in creating an action plan for your local SEO because it provides you with rich data that many other tools won’t give you.

Price: Free

Synup Listings Scan

Scanning an array of review sites as well as over 100 local directories, Synup’s free tool will demonstrate where your business is found and how it is presented. Once the scan is complete, you’ll be able to see an outline of how your business is listed throughout the web. You can then click onto individual listings to get more information about how your business appears on each site.

An additional feature that many businesses find useful here is the “reviews” section, which shows you the reviews and comments that have been made about your business. Keeping a beady eye on these reviews is invaluable for building customer relationships and your brand image.

Price: $25/mo

Find Local Citations with WhiteSpark

With such a vast amount of citation sources available on the web, it can sometimes be difficult to know which ones to target. The Local Citation Finder from WhiteSpark helps you make these decisions with ease. It provides you with citation sources that are high quality and are based upon your company’s key phrases. It also assists you by showing citations of your successful competitors, which allows you to put the right foot forward for your own business.

Price: $20/mo

whitespark’s Keyword Lists and AdWords Tool

An integral part of your local SEO campaign is to decide what keywords to target and what PPC campaigns to run. is a free tool that generates a list of key terms for you to target based on your geographical data and keywords (your products / services). You can then evaluate all of the keyword variations it presents you to create PPC campaigns in your targeted radius, while also using them to strengthen your organic SEO, e.g. using them to create potential blog topics.

These are just a few of the tools you can use alongside an effective local SEO campaign. Using these tools will help you to adapt and strengthen your optimization, ensuring your citations are seen in all of the key places.

Price: Free