Google recently released new data showing the overwhelming growth of mobile usage among consumers is high across the board. Not surprisingly, consumers continue to rely on smartphones and local search for daily activities like shopping, researching and entertainment. Here are some of the key local search and mobile usage trends from the Google’s Our Mobile Planet research:

• 44% of people in the U.S. now own a smartphone
• 66% of smartphone owners use it to access the Internet on a daily basis
• 62% of smartphone owners perform daily searches on their mobile devices
• 94% use smartphones to search for local info
• 66% visit the business and 90% take action as a result of their search

These are pretty powerful stats, but what do they mean in terms of your local search and mobile marketing strategy? For retailers and local businesses in particular, these mobile usage trends are hard to ignore and should act as somewhat of a guide, pointing you toward mobile. Put it all together: almost all smartphone owners use their mobile device to look for local information, such as restaurants, stores and service providers. From there, an incredible 90% of them take action as a result of what they found in their mobile search. SEO plays a big role in this, as 61% only look at the first page of search results. On the other hand, paid search marketing also makes a significant impact, as 89% of searchers report noticing mobile ads.

Whether they find it through organic or paid search results, two-thirds of people visit the business online or in-store following a local search. 96% report using their smartphones to research a product or service, while 35% actually make purchases on their smartphone.

One thing is clear here: reaching this growing demographic begins with a strong mobile presence for your local business. Ensure your business appears in local search results by incorporating SEO and mobile ads into your overall marketing strategy. The next step is developing a mobile website, making it easier for mobile visitors to find information or complete desired actions.