Linking Social Media with SEOSocial media optimization (SMO) has a valuable connection to online business generation. Given social media’s popularity, it makes sense that businesses need to take advantage of it. Moreover, social media allows for new creative outlets for online businesses that can generate new sources of profit.

If you’re experienced with the most popular social media sites—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—you’re off to a good start. From here, it’s a matter of using them in conjunction with our business’ SEO techniques.

The Basics

First and foremost, remember that what you do within the context of SEO is reflective of your business, and thus needs to be professional.

Once you’ve established your business on social media, you have to start creating content: this could be blog postings, graphic marketing materials, or updates about your business’ development. Also make sure that whatever your content is, it’s always optimized with competitive keywords. Also ensure the link building performed on your social media content remains in working order.

Social media content is only successful if it’s shared. Failing to have functional, optimally placed links or links lacking in proper keyword density hurts your SEO potential and drives potential clients away.


The key to SMO is to ensure that it remains viable over time. This requires regular content updates, adding buttons and other means of sharing content, and incorporating attractive thumbnails. Once you’ve made these revisions, you’ll have some room to experiment with idea that may attract more business, such as animated graphics.

One thing to never forget is the availability of online tools that monitor your social media performance, many of which have analytics and other visuals that can show you data about how well your social media content is performing. Use these programs to closely observe which aspects of your SMO work and what client preferences are.

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