In the world of SEO, link building reigns supreme. Undervalued by many who still see it as a spam-led approach, it remains one of the most influential factors used by search engines for organic ranking. Although techniques have evolved over the years – mainly due to the introduction of Google Panda and Penguin – the concept of creating backlinks will always be an essential tool for online presence.

We’re all familiar with the tried and tested techniques (guest blog posts, viral content, infographics etc) but why limit yourself to these generic methods? Get creative in your approach and you may uncover a new, untapped source of traffic. Here’s 5 ideas that you may not have thought of.

Interview experts

From travel to fitness, tech to business, whichever sector you operate in, there’s always experts offering their wisdom on the subject. Harness the power of their intellect (and social media following) by requesting an interview with them. You may be surprised at how many are flattered and happy to answer a few questions via a podcast or filming. Now, you can let the link-building extravaganza unfold…

Once you’ve carried out the interview, ask them to share the content on their site or at the very least, on their social platform. Linked back to your website, this can drive heaps of traffic your way.

Sponsor a non-profit organisation

There are plenty of reasons to sponsor a non-profit organisation, but you could be unaware of the link-building potential. It’s simple and doesn’t always require the exchange of cash. Instead you can provide your time or services for a good cause. It’s not only a great way to make a positive impact in your local community, these organisations are often happy to thank your generosity with subtle promotion across their social channels.

With limited budgets, they’re usually open to new opportunities and could even allow guests on their press release or blog.

Reach out to local businesses

It’s not just charity organisations that can offer the promise of backlinks in return for your resources. Approach local businesses and provide assistance on any small projects they may need carrying out. Rather than paying for your usual rate, why not barter for exposure on their website and simply ask for a link back to your site. This can also work well for current clients, where you can offer a substantial discount on the provision of exposure across their site.

Take up photography

For those who serve a niche sector, it could be worth taking up photography as your new hobby. Using a good quality SLR, start taking pictures of anything related to your industry. These can now be added to your website and advertised as royalty-free.

People are always looking for good quality and subject-specific images which is why many could be inclined to use yours. Use the correct licensing for your needs, whilst still keeping the image easy to use, and request credit. This may come in the form of a link, it may just be a mention – we believe that these are important too.

Give a presentation

Few links are more valuable than those which have come from educational institutes or academic-based websites. They may be difficult to come across but those with some expertise (or great speaking skills) you can easily be referenced on these high profile sites.

Approach local colleges and offer to give a presentation or seminar on your core subject. This will often be credited on a departmental website, potentially providing a handful of influential links.