Just about anybody doing business online today understands the benefits and value of having a great SEO strategy in place. Even though they realize that SEO can help grow their business and even take it to new heights of sales and profits, most don’t know how to get started. In an effort to help, we’ve put together 5 of the best resources to bookmark that will help you learn SEO basics.


The search engine giant offers a wealth of information regarding all things SEO, including optimizing content. One thing you should definitely take advantage of is Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” (there’s also a downloadable version). The guide covers the best practices for optimizing your web presence for several formats that include mobile, as well as how promote your website to make it more rankable. You’ll also find additional resources on the page – just click around on the links under “Help” to the right of the page.





Along with creating marketing analytics software, Moz provides a number of resources for businesses within the arena of SEO, including their “Beginner’s Guide to SEO.” Along with the basic instructions, they add in a few experiments that their readers can try, sprinkled into each section.




The “How to Do Keyword Research for SEO” offered by SEO auv in invaluable when it comes to setting up a keyword strategy, one of the most important aspects of SEO. Among other things, the guide addresses the constantly shifting landscape of SEO and suggestions for tools that online marketers can use to keep up.






Much like the Moz guide, Search Engine Land also has an SEO guide that covers recommendations that are invaluable, including rules that need to be followed to avoid ranking penalties. To find out more about Search Engine Land’s guide click here.





At the time of this writing, ViperChill.com isn’t touting a specific SEO guide – their claim to fame is their blog that offers a wealth of diverse, informative resources regarding SEO. The ViperChill’s blog is filled with “how to” articles, case studies, hacks, tips for every stage in the SEO process, including available SEO technologies, keyword strategies and more.

If you are serious about improving your search traffic and are a beginner when it comes to SEO, the resources listed here are well worth bookmarking. SEO is “King” when it comes to attracting prospects and will definitely help boost conversions if you put well thought out SEO strategies in place. If you don’t have the time, experience or desire to learn and carry out SEO strategies yourself, you should hire an SEO specialist because it will be an investment that will eventually generate a high return. Just provide the company you hire with the budget they need to deliver the results you want.

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