SEO, or search engine optimization, is necessary to get people to your website organically from the search engine results pages, or SERPs. A good SEO strategy doesn’t necessarily mean first page rankings or how you’re performing in a keyword report because that doesn’t take into account the many benefits SEO has for your website and for your business. So, how can you truly see whether or not your SEO is delivering results?

Here are three ways to determine if your SEO is delivering results.

You’re Getting More Website Visits

Because the purpose of SEO is to make your website discoverable for people searching for your products and services, one of the easiest ways to measure success is to see an increase in website visits. Obviously, more website visits mean more people are finding your website, which means your SEO is doing something right.

Your Overall Web Presence Has Improved

Good SEO is about so much more than how you appear on SERPs; it’s about improving your overall web presence and the structure of your website for both search engines and users. Managed local listings, a mobile-friendly and user-friendly website, and relevant content throughout your website and site structure play into your SEO. This can benefit your business in multiple ways. For example, you could see website visitors spending more time on your site navigating to multiple pages, meaning your content is engaging and compelling. Or, you could see more visits from mobile, meaning visitors are finding your site on mobile search and able to easily discover the information they need.

You Can See It in Clear Reporting

One thing that can be difficult for local businesses running SEO on their own or with a vendor is understanding reporting. If you’re trying to do SEO on your own, you don’t have a lot or reporting options to rely on. And, some SEO companies may send you reports that look like mumbo jumbo. But, the proof is in the pudding. An SEO company that is able to show you clear reporting and explains exactly what’s going on in your campaign is going to be more successful for you in the long run. A good SEO company should use reputable tools to measure traffic, engagement, and visibility showing growth over time.

The most important thing to remember about SEO is that it’s a long-term strategy. In order to be truly successful in SEO, you have to commit to making the necessary changes and tracking progress as it happens. You can’t game the system, and any company that promises you quick fixes and automatic top spots on Google may be employing black-hat tactics that will only hurt your site in the long run.

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