Kicking off your content strategy has never been easier: Searchmetrics Content Experience Review

search metrics content experience

If you work in search engine optimization, you know there a lot of great tools to get a great SEO strategy in place quickly and efficiently. It’s also never a one-and-done deal! Marketers need to get increasingly agile. They must research and monitor SEO performance, make changes, pivot, and experiment with new ideas. After publishing, they need to track and report on the overall performance.

At DAP – this is something we cheerfully deal with every single day. For the record, we’ve been pretty happy with some of the SEO tools we’ve used such as Moz and SEMRush.

Recently, we came across a new SEO and content creation platform from Searchmetrics and took at look at its capabilities (Note: We are not getting any compensation or incentive for this review. It fully reflects what we think of it as marketers in this field!).

Searchmetrics has developed two platforms: Searchmetrics Search Experience Suite, which helps online marketers craft their SEO strategy, and the Searchmetrics Content Experience, which helps online marketers boost their brand online through targeted, specific and valuable content development.

Although both platforms are worthwhile, this article is primarily about the Searchmetrics Content Experience. It’s worth taking a deeper dive into how this platform helps online marketers create content that converts prospects into long-term customers.

Searchmetrics Content Experience is not only very robust but also surprisingly easy to use and navigate, while providing tons of great ideas for, and insights into, the process of content production!

The Purpose Behind the Content Experience

Content writers often struggle to continually generate interesting, entertaining and valuable content that not only informs but also engages and drives prospects to buy products and services.

The company says it created the Searchmetrics Content Experience to help writers and content editors sort through hundreds of topics and keywords to find those that can help them produce the most sought-after content.

Per Marcus Tober, the founder and CTO of Searchmetrics:

“For the first time, search engine optimization and content creation are coming together to give marketers the ultimate platform for creating content that increases online visibility and connects with their online audiences.”

The Searchmetrics Content Experience aims to provide actionable steps for creating blog posts and other online content, thereby removing “guesswork” from content creation. Remember: if you’re not creating updated, new, fresh and interesting content, your prospects and customers will migrate to brands that are. That, in turn, will dent your bottom line.

The Searchmetrics Content Experience uses a process called “agile content development” ( We’re huge fans of agile!) that creates a continuous cycle through key content creations components: discovery, optimization, measurement, and publishing.

Discovery through Topic Explorer

The Searchmetrics Content Experience Topic Explorer shows marketers how different topics link up with the searches most conducted by prospective customers.

In the example above, the core topic is “dog-friendly hotels.” Topic Explorer generates a number of different related topics to help kickstart content creation that would address all the parameters of that core topic:

Topic Explorer not only generates a number of related topics ripe for content exploration, but it also differentiates between information-based searches and those that are transaction-based ( users who want to make a purchase).

It also provides you with times of year when a core topic is most likely to be well-received (gotta love their data analytics mindset!!!) by your targeted prospects, which can help you better strategize your content delivery schedule.

Optimization Through Content Editor

The Content Editor tool is invaluable when it comes to optimizing your content in several key areas:

  • Readability – is your content concise, easy to read and understandable?
  • Text length – is your content length appropriate for your targeted audience?
  • Question finder – is your content addressing the most common questions that prospects are asking about your topic?
  • Compliance check – are you duplicating content from another source? This can cause search engines to downgrade your content, so this tool eliminates that mistake.

Content Editor also offers a handy tool that lets you browse through content (written and visual) your competitors have created about your topic. This is quite valuable, because you can then differentiate your content from the crowd and offer something unique to your targeted consumers.

Measurements To Track Results

Without understanding how keywords drive prospect interest, you can’t create content that will achieve the kind of results you want. With Content Discovery, statistics are always just a click away.

You can track the traffic your content generates, compare your results to that of your competitors, and see how the keywords you use most are ranked within several search engines.

WordPress Drives Publishing

WordPress has become the most popular and efficient way to create content. If you’re not using it, Content Discovery has a tool that lets you publish to WordPress or work directly on the platform.

One caveat: if you’re not familiar with WordPress, you’re better off creating your content on Content Discovery, then publishing it to WordPress because the platform does the formatting on your behalf.

Likes & Dislikes

Overall, Searchmetrics Content Experience is an effective, valuable platform that takes content creation to the next level. Not only does it provide specific information about how to maximize all the possibilities of your core topics, it also provides thorough datasets that cover every conceivable aspect of SEO.

In addition, the customer service is outstanding and highly responsive. Representatives understand the full spectrum of what the platforms offer and are able to answer even the most detailed questions well.

Although we are delighted with this product, there is one drawback to Searchmetrics Content Experience. It will definitely take you some time to become familiar with all the platform tools. The learning curve is steep at the outset due to the sheer quantity of data available on the platform.

In this age in which out-of-the-box applicability is highly sought after, Searchmetrics could do a better job of helping users understand all the tools without requiring hours of total immersion. If there is a piece of advice we would have for the Searchmetrics team, it is to work on creating a more robust onboarding process for the self-service customer. This would go a long way toward attracting and efficiently onboarding new customers.

All the amazingly powerful data and actionable recommendations are there, but we believe the interface could use some streamlining.

Overall – great tool, with powerful data and amazing insights. We’re so impressed, we wanted to share our review with everyone!