Google Bing Yahoo SearchGoogle has made all kinds of changes over the past few years and Google Hummingbird is the biggest of all of these changes.

We are told that content needs to be written with more quality and reputability as well as conversational. I know that is a loaded sentence, but that is what it simply boils down to.

With this being said, I am seeing a new infusion of key word phrases and more traffic from some other browsers namely, Yahoo and Bing.

Yes, Bing and Yahoo recognize sites with key word phrases and key word domains and are not giving more weight to colleges and university information. These sites are old school search sites and some people are turning to them for their searching needs.

Here are the reasons why people might be moving to Yahoo and Bing:

  1. You do not have to setup a special account that is tied to email and a social media platform, (Example Google Plus) and a Video Channel, (Example YouTube).
  2. People are more reluctant to give out their personal information and create a personal profile.
  3. These search sites have quietly improved and are making more inroads into Google
  4. Yahoo and Bing have mobile apps and offer other options on people’s mobile devices.
  5. Yahoo and Bing have invested in images. (Especially Yahoo with purchase of Flickr)
  6. Yahoo has made some impressive acquisitions: Delicious, Flickr
  7. Yahoo is also into Radio Broadcasts
  8. Bing is owned by Microsoft – They still have money.
  9. People take awhile to adjust to changes and sometimes prefer to go to places that do not change as often
  10. I look for an announcement form Bing or Yahoo in the near future that will help promote themselves more with respect to their search functionality.

One final comment, if you are updating your content and you have made some changes to your site with respect to the recent Google Hummingbird initiatives, you will also see the results of your efforts on Yahoo and Bing. As marketers we always want to improve and keep our message in front of our clients and advocates. The best way to do that is know the rules and “know your options“. It’s not a win at all costs mentality and cutting out things that do not work. Hopefully, all marketers know that you can’t eliminate traditional marketing methods. They still work too. It’s about having the right mix and knowing your clients.

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