SEO TacticsOnline content is often created to appeal to as many people as possible. However, there has been a lot of evidence showing that there are benefits to having SEO material that focuses on utilizing locally relevant content. Here are some examples and things to consider related to this local-based strategy:

1.  Mobile Advertising

Many companies using mobile advertising have noted that when they used SEM content that referenced locations in their area, their mobile advertising yielded a greater client response. If you are employing mobile SEO material, keep in mind the target audience in your area and how to make a presence on their mobile devices.

2.  Social Media

Social media is a far-reaching communication tool, but if you examine LinkedIn or Facebook, you’ll likely see content regarding people or places in your area. Inputting keywords into your social media that are related to your region or adding the location to your updates can help you gain more of a local client base.

3.  Images

When you upload graphics, you probably perform the traditional on-page techniques, namely optimization using competitive keywords. But like with social media, don’t forget to add a location; this can be used to bring more traffic to your web marketing material.

4.  Forums

You might also be contributing to online forums or posting blogs or articles. Even if you remember to incorporate all your regular SEO techniques, once again, don’t forget to include the location you are referencing in your writing or updates. Forums and the like serve as communities of people—communities that you want your local presence to be a part of.

5.  Landing Page Content

It likely sounds redundant at this point, but adding long-tail keywords to your landing page that pertain to your community or localized work area, especially if you are a small or local business, can help your standing in organic searches, especially if people are using GPS as a part of their searches. When they punch in these specific keywords, your content can be better matched to their search, causing your presence in online rankings to rise.

This article Keeping It Local: Top 5 Location-Based SEO Tactics was originally published at Numero Uno Web Solutions and has been republished with permission.