jennifer lawrenceWith her Oscar win, Jennifer Lawrence gained a whole new platform for her entertaining brand of irreverence. Some of her brash comments have drawn criticism, but her fans seem to love her all the more for her honesty and humor. Although I’m not saying SEO’s should resort to flippancy to gain popularity, Jennifer Lawrence’s appealing personality could be a great inspiration for fresh, relevant content.

Be Down-to-Earth

Above all, Jennifer Lawrence seems like a normal girl navigating the pressures of Hollywood. So far, she has successfully avoided acquiring a sense of self-importance despite widespread critical acclaim. And we can all love her for it. So what can SEOs learn from this character trait? SEOs should gain inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence’s normalcy and maintain a standard of accessibility as they develop content. Down-to-earth content might mean a helpful how-to blog or a direct response to a customer’s complaint. Most importantly, don’t seem so self-involved that you can’t have a normal interaction with other internet users.

Overcome Your Obstacles

Seconds after her Oscar win was announced, Jennifer tripped up the stairs on the way to give her acceptance speech. Despite the superficially embarrassing moment, Jennifer went on to give a lovely speech that acknowledged the gaffe but didn’t let it overcome the moment. Throughout the rest of the evening, Jennifer was repeatedly asked about the fall, but she continued to handle the embarrassment with grace.

Like Jennifer, SEOs should develop ways to handle mistakes or problems with poise. Don’t let a ranking penalty or an attack by competitors shake your whole SEO strategy. Instead, tackle any obstacles immediately, but only using white hat SEO tactics.

Demonstrate Diversity

Jennifer’s ability to take on diverse characters seems to have no bounds. From Winter’s Bone to Hunger Games to Silver Linings Playbook, she has shown her ability to portray a wide range of personalities.

Although SEOs shouldn’t be completely changing characters each time they develop content, a good SEO will understand how to tailor the voice of each piece of content to target a certain audience. In addition, using the many various mediums that can be incorporated into an SEO campaign requires the ability to manipulate content into different forms. So focus on diversifying your talents!

Your Secret Weapon

If you’re having a hard time infusing your content with Jennifer Lawrence-inspired personality, you can always turn to a writing service for assistance. A professional writer will be able to develop a voice that connects with your audience in a refreshing and exciting way.

Do you love Jennifer Lawrence as much as we do? What does your business do to stay fresh?