In the latest move by Google to make SEO harder and increase google revenues, Google yesterday introduced a new ad format called Enhanced Ad Sitelinks. This new ad format has some similarities to the existing site links ad format, but instead shows related ads in your AdWords account rather than your site links.

Here’s what the new super-sized adwords sitelink looks like now:

Enhanced Ad Sitelinks in Google AdWords

In testing, google says that that “ads with enhanced sitelinks were more useful and relevant. And clickthrough rates were significantly higher than the same ad with traditional 2- and 3-line sitelinks.” Obviously (duh), because the new ads can occupy up to 3 times as much real estate on a Google SERP and is highly effective way to dominate above-the-fold search results, and further push organic search results lower down on the page for the most valuable keyword searches.

For you SEO-only folks out there, isn’t it time to start considering PPC advertising?

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