How to use keywords to climb the search engine ranking ladder

Search engine optimization does exactly what the term implies. SEO is all about strategically using keywords to get the best return from your business’s content. Keywords are predetermined terms that reflect the nature of your business and the content you publish online.  In SEO writing, they are inserted into your content so that when these terms are searched on search engines, like Google and Yahoo, your business’s website comes up frequently and high on the list.

So how do you use SEO writing to get the most out of your business’s content? How do you use your keywords to make your business visible? The key is to make sure your keywords are properly placed, both on your webpage and outside of it.

1. Title

The most important part of your content is the first part that search engine spiders catalog when searching through your site. Your title is a short, engaging description of what your content discusses, so it is essential that your most prominent keywords be included. The title is also the first thing that will make customers decide whether they want to read your article or blog post, so make sure you write your title using SEO writing techniques.

2. Meta Description

This is the short description that is included after the title of your content in the HTML coding.. It acts as an extension of your title because it gives a slightly longer description of what your content is about. This is a secondary place that spiders will “crawl” through in their search for information. The more engaging information you can pack into this 150-character space with SEO writing, the better your chances are of attracting customers.

3. Main body

The best place to maximize your keyword frequency is the main body of writing. This is the area that allows for the largest amount of words and information, which will make it easy to insert a variety of keywords and phrases. These can be packed in to maximize your content’s potential, but the SEO writing must be done in an appropriate way that flows nicely. Simply stacking keywords into the content is a red flag for search engines and could cost your business its spot in the search results. It is essential that your content be written expertly to avoid being flagged as spam.

Lastly, your business should have inbound links leading to your website. This can exponentially increase ranking in the search results because other websites direct spiders to your site. These links work the same way that keywords do, but on external websites. The search engine spiders process the information and use it to gauge your site’s relevance. As with keyword stuffing, you need to make sure you are not flagged as a spammer. Do not create fake webpages that link to your site. These links need to be posted on legitimate sites with legitimate content. A great way to get inbound links is to link to other pages from your business’s website, which will encourage other websites to link back to your business.