Search Engine Optimization is the one and only way to get your website ranking well within a search engine. Not only must you create keyword rich, SEO optimized content on your actual site, you also need to incorporate it into your articles, blogs and other forms of marketing . Writing an SEO article is quite simple to do, and can take you further in your marketing strategies. How do you create an SEO article?

Let the Writing Begin

First of all it is important that you are writing an article that is relevant to your products or services. If you are a photographer, you could provide an informative article describing how to being a photography business or 5  ways to take better photographs. The article that you create must be informative to the reader, optimized with your chosen keywords and entertaining.

Your article needs a unique title that also includes the chosen keyword. The title should be catchy and engaging while telling the reader what they can expect when they read your article. It should also be short, with no more than 8 words total. Be sure that you use a keyword tool, such as Google AdWords Keyword tool, to learn the right keywords to use in your material.

Putting the Body Together

When writing the article you must incorporate the same keywords into the material, but it is imperative those keywords are used appropriately. It is a good idea to check with Google to learn the latest recommendations for keyword density. Currently it stands at 1 to 2 percent but those numbers can change at any time.

Using keywords more than what they should be used will cause harm to your website and even cause it to be de-indexed, so do not take this risk. While you want your site to show in search engine results, you want to provide quality content to the reader first and foremost.

The article should be no less than 400 words, and at average, about 650 words. If the article is to long readers will lose interest. Too short and you can’t provide them with all of the information they need to know. Make sure that your content is separated with subheadings that are also short and catchy. Include a keyword in the subheading if you would like but always remember not to go overboard. Write in a way that is easy to understand to the reader, and be sure that you connect with them on a personal level. When it feels like you’re talking to an old friend It is certainly more interesting.

Before you post any type of article ensure that you proofread it. Nothing will scare a consumer away quicker than an article that contains spelling and grammatical errors. With the numerous spellcheck and grammar programs available there is no reason that you should submit anything with errors.

As you can see creating a search engine optimized article is not difficult at all. If you want your website and business to thrive, ensure that you follow these steps to create amazing articles.

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