Google traffic accounts for 50% or more of most websites total traffic, so getting more Google traffic is a great way to boost your site’s overall traffic. But how do you get more Google traffic? Here are a few simple ways.

More Content, More Traffic

The easiest way for most sites to get more Google traffic is to post more content. Every piece of unique content you post is something someone may search for, so you’re almost assured more Google traffic.

But don’t take “more content, more traffic” to the extreme some sites do when they post computer-generated or spun content which no real person would ever read. These sites almost all rely on scam business models which steal money from advertisers.

Google and advertisers are continually working to develop technology which detects low-quality content so that it doesn’t get indexed in Google nor is it advertised upon by Adsense.

What you want for your site is more high-quality content like the content you already have. If you add just one page to your site every week day, you’ll have 250 new pages after one year all drawing increased Google traffic to your site.

Google uses link popularity less and less these days, but the number of incoming links to your site still matters. What Google wants to see these days are natural-looking incoming links from other sites in your niche. I follow my my link building tutorial for the best results.

These links are easy to get if you do publish high-quality content. The other people in your niche will be looking at your site and they’ll probably naturally link back to your site when they see something interesting.

But if you have a new site or you want to speed up the link building process, you can “gently” build new incoming links by reaching out to the other people in your niche. You can offer to guest post for them; you can send them a short—very short—weekly press release listing your newest articles; or you can simply start linking to their site frequently on your blog and hope they start linking back to you. (I find this last technique surprisingly effective.)

But remember to avoid anything which Google might consider paid linking. Google’s severe penalties include burying your pages and entirely delisting them, so you can take a huge hit in Google traffic.

More Keywords, More Website Traffic

If you write in a very narrow niche, you might unintentionally write about just a few different keywords. But Google doesn’t usually display more than two pages from the same site in its search results, so having too many pages with the same keywords means you’re competing against yourself.

Instead of going in depth on a single topic, consider writing for breadth across a larger topic. For example, instead of writing about every detail of how to grow tomatoes at home, write about how to grow all sorts of different vegetables at home.

Quick Tip: To dominate the search engines for a similar keyword you can promote on other sites. For example if you see a YouTube video ranking in the top 10, produce your own, SEO the YouTube video and then see what happens. I also do this if I cannot get my own page to rank, I use other methods like this to steer people to my site.

SEO = Always = More Google Traffic

If you use SEO techniques for your website, you will know that SEO definitely increases your sites Google traffic. After all, SEO helps the search engines and the humans find your content and that is our goal. I use a few of the best SEO Plugins around. They include SEOPressor, the Free WPSEO by Yoast, and Keyword Winner.

Please watch the video below showing what the SEOPressor can do:

Rank Higher, Get More Google Traffic

I’ve saved this last technique for last because everyone else seems to emphasize it—but it may not be as important as you think.

Ranking higher on Google will undoubtedly get you more traffic. Many SEO experts have run experiments which show that the first few results on Google get 50–75% of all the Google traffic. Some people take that to mean that you should do everything you can to rank higher on Google.

But if everyone is trying to rank higher on Google, then everyone is competing against each other. Worse, they’re all using the same SEO techniques, so nobody has a real competitive advantage.

I do suggest you try to rank higher on Google—and the techniques suggested by ethical SEO experts are the techniques to use—but don’t spend all your time trying to rank higher. Instead, create more content, gather more backlinks, and target more keywords as your primary ways of attracting more Google traffic.

How To Get More Traffic Of The Right Kind

What you want is more traffic containing customers. I harp on about this all the time. (sorry :) ) To get this traffic, the first thing you must do is figure out who your customers are in general and what appeals to them.

I recommend that you spend some time trying to increase the conversion rate on your pages with your existing traffic. See if you can get more ad clicks, more affiliate or product sales, or more mailing list subscriptions per 1,000 visitors. Knowing what sells will tell you a lot about your customers.

Then take what you know about your customers and try to attract more Google traffic containing your customers. For example, if your research indicates your ideal customer uses Apple products, start putting pages on your site about Apple products and Apple news to get the right kind of more Google website traffic.