How Much Budget Do You Want to Dedicate to SEO?

You should anticipate setting a budget anywhere from $1,500.00 to $10,000+ a month, depending on the total amount of capital you have available. The more you can dedicate to improving your online visibility, the faster you can expect to see results. Your SEO should be part of your overall digital marketing efforts, so it’s essential to balance SEO with the rest of your marketing plan. Regardless of strategy or budget, SEO takes time.

SEO is only one part of digital marketing. Knowing how much of your budget to dedicate to SEO lies in understanding what your goals are, and your current progress toward those goals. Answering these questions can help you determine how much of the budget you can or should allocate:

  1. How long has your company had an online presence?
  2. How much organic search traffic do you get now?
  3. Are you on the first page of Google for any search terms? If so, what tactics got you there?
  4. How much competition is there for keywords in your industry?
  5. What do you think your competitors are spending on their SEO efforts?

How much should you budget for SEO? Budgeting for SEO is the million dollar question for many businesses – and unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer. What works for your business likely isn’t going to work for the next one. Even if two directly competing companies to come up with the same budget, they can get different results based on who they hire and how they allocate their funds.

how much should you budget for seo

Look at Your Total Budget

Every year, you should be looking at the amount of money you have coming into your business, and how much of that profit margin you’re able to put back into your business to keep it growing. If this is your first year in business, creating a budget should be a priority, but it’s important to leave a bit of breathing room to make adjustments as needed.

Start with how much revenue you have for your total budget. Factor in the products or services you provide and whether are they are targeted toward a business or a consumer audience. Then, consider the percentage of revenue generated online, and how many of your internal staff members are on your marketing team.

The more significant the portion of revenue that comes from online sources, the larger your digital marketing budget should be, as that will help increase online sales.

How Much of the Budget Can You Afford to Dedicate to Your Digital Marketing?

Running a business is expensive, and there are many costs to take into consideration. After you look at the expenses you have to pay outside of digital marketing, what do you have leftover? Remember, it’s not necessarily about the amount of money you have available, but how well you use it.

Are You Just Starting?

new business budgeting for SEO

As a new business, you’ll need to dedicate a more substantial portion of your SEO budget to content creation, so you can lay the groundwork for the search engines to find the content to rank. And of course, because you have other SEO tasks to take care of, this means more of your overall digital marketing budget needs to go to SEO.

Have You Been Around Awhile?

If you’ve had an online presence for a while, you may have good ranks established with your content, but technical errors on the website structure could be negatively affecting your SEO efforts. Just because you have good ranking doesn’t mean you can spend less on SEO, or worse, afford to ignore it.

How Much Should You Pay for SEO Services?

Here comes the tricky part, as this can easily make or break your budget. Spending money with a sub-par agency in the name of getting a good deal, or because it’s something you can afford more of, could harm your progress more than spending more money with a quality agency, even if it means getting less of their services overall.

Options include:

  • Hiring an in-house SEO specialist or team – bear in mind, it’s possible you won’t have enough work to keep them busy year-round, which could impact morale and productivity.
  • Hiring an independent SEO consultant is essentially a freelancer with a background in SEO. If you take this route, expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $190 an hour depending on experience. It’s best to take this route only if you have a marketing team on staff that can manage everything.
  • Hiring an SEO agency. For most businesses, it makes sense to hire an agency since the work is highly specialized. With an agency, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200 an hour, depending on the agency’s billable rate.

budgeting for SEO services

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