The head of Google’s web spam (SEO) team, Matt Cutts, answers a question by Ryan:

If I haven’t bought links, participated in any linkwheels or schemes, or spammed links, should I spend time analyzing my links and trying to remove ones I didn’t create that look spammy?

Before I let Matt jump in here, there’s an important note that Matt did not clarify. The question Ryan is asking should correctly involve all SEO automation, link building systems, and the use of cheap SEO services. Many times today we see sites that never intentionally did anything wrong but who hired an SEO team that then cut corners.

The days of blasting SEO links out and of hiring SEO from fiverr safely are not only over but now strictly penalized.

Is it possible for a site that has always built good links to get an “unnatural links” warning (in their Webmaster Tools account)? Sure! While it happens very very rarely it is possible that a competitor has chosen to play dirty and build some bad links for you (aka: negative SEO). That’s where the new Google Link Disavow Tool comes in handy.

For the most part though, as long as you’re not buying cheap SEO, have NEVER “tested” SEO automation, and have always built your links naturally… you really have no reason to be concerned with micromanaging your link profile.

Either you are now breathing easier… or you now understand that you’re in the “other” category and need to go look at cleaning up your link profile!