Search engine optimization is paramount for generating traffic to your site and improving conversion rates. Therefore, many companies have a SEO strategy. But, is it the right SEO strategy?

Most businesses go with the flow when it comes to optimization. Businesses tend to look at what the competition is doing and follow online trends when it comes to optimizing company websites for search engines. This can be a huge mistake. Standard SEO tactics will not make your business stand out, or increase sales. Think of it as the difference between buying mass-produced clothes versus tailor-made clothes. If you buy a shirt at a clothing store, you are not buying the only one. There will be many other shirts of the same kind that other people will wear just like you would. Now, if you tailor-make a shirt, it will be a unique product made just for you. No one else would wear your tailor-made shirt. The logic for standard versus handcrafted SEO is the same.

Instead of optimizing your site with generic SEO tactics, customize SEO techniques to address the needs of your customers for high conversion rates. Handcrafted SEO is the next big step in digital marketing, and here are the reasons why your company should go for it:

It’s Specific to Your Company

Just like a tailor-made shirt, handcrafted SEO is designed to fit the needs of your company and its customers. For example, if your company sells shoes online, using a generic search term like “shoes online” will not garner you many unique site visits. There are countless other websites also targeting the phrase “shoes online.” Your company will get lost among the ocean of search results if you do not tailor your keywords uniquely to your business. You may get more web traffic with standard optimization tactics, but it won’t convert to sales without handcrafted SEO.

It Directly Targets Your Audience

Standard optimization tactics suit only a generic audience. If you want your website traffic to turn into sales, you will need to look beyond the generic audience to focus on your actual customers. If you are a shoe seller in Australia, your customers will be Australian. You will not be able to successfully target an Australian customer who will actually buy your product with a keyword suited for an international audience. In this regard, handcrafted SEO directly reaches potential customers and results in sales.

It Improves Your Page Rank

Customers are more likely to buy products from websites that rank high on search engines, rather than the ones on the second page. You can improve your page rank by using handcrafted SEO tactics. Once you tailor your keywords to your target customer base, improve backlinks with only the relevant sites, and employ some other techniques, you will be in a prime position to reach your target customer base. As more people visit your website, you page rank will go up. Your web traffic will increase due to the right users clicking on the link, instead of just browsers. This, of course, means more sales.

Handcrafted SEO is still a relatively new concept undergoing new developments as technology advances. Still, these techniques will immensely benefit your company by attracting new customers, retaining them and boosting sales.