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The latest Google Discover search update may be a game changer for brands who need to improve their SEO strategy. With more intuitive features your content may now become more visible with the right approach.

The latest change by the search engine giant is designed to understand the intent and contextual meaning of a query.

How should your content marketing change?

The new feature does not require a change to your current SEO strategy, but original and fresh content will still be necessary in order to get noticed online.

The goal of today’s brand is to build something of value, and create a great experience for their audience. Content should be high quality with messages that engage a community. Here are a some main points to consider when developing your content and branding:

  • Search has a new look – Google’s purpose now is to focus on the user’s interests and to simplify the process with high-end images, bold and catchy headlines, and videos that appeal to viewers. Brands need to choose theirs topics carefully which can now be discovered and explored more easily.
  • Focus on evergreen content – Not all top results will be new articles — Google will now showcase older posts that have a high level of interest. This applies to both text and video content, which could potentially bring more eyes on your content that may have been missed previously.
  • Multiple languages are up and coming – Depending on your niche your brand could be able to reach more people internationally as languages are being added. Currently English and Spanish are the two main translations with more to be included in the near future.
  • Enhanced mobile view – Many users now go directly to their smart phones to find information — the updated search is more be responsive. You will want to make sure that your website is up to date with the latest features that view well on mobile.

By following the same rules through the previous algorithm updates your brand should still provide fresh and valuable content that truly adds to your community. Remember it’s important to answer your community’s most pressing questions whether this be inside of a blog post or a video.

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