If you want your brand to stand out in search, it’s time to start optimizing with video.

Search engine optimization has changed dramatically over the last few years. Still, one effective, but often overlooked and misunderstood, component for any SEO campaign is video. Video is engaging, informative, and most importantly, rewarded by Google when properly optimized. If your brand has yet to incorporate video as part of your digital strategy, here’s proof that video is a powerful marketing tool and can work wonders in the world of SEO.

Video Allows You to Tap into the Second Largest Search Engine

Google is the largest search engine in the world; however, many people are still unaware the second largest search engine is YouTube. Over 100 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute, so there is great potential for your brand to tap into this resource and reach your target audience that is hanging out there. Just remember to keep your YouTube videos optimized with catchy titles, descriptions and keywords so the search engine can understand what your video is about and why it’s relevant.

Video Makes Your Brand Stand Out in Google Search

Google owns YouTube, and the search engine gives well-optimized video content the same authority as written text. The higher the authority of your video, the better it will rank in Google search results for specific keywords. Again, focus on using an eye-catching title and thumbnail image when possible. Video tags can also be indexed in Google search and are just another piece of meta-data, or searchable data, that Google uses to assign relevance to search results and determine the influence and overall ranking of your video.

Video Helps Increase Conversion Rates

Embedding videos on your website can significantly increase conversion rates. Video content such as customer reviews, testimonials, or video messages featuring the business owner, are great ways to establish trust with website visitors. When this type of content is present on your site, you have a much better chance of reinforcing the value of your product or service and influencing your visitors’ purchasing decision. Video content is also incredibly engaging and can influence potential buyers or customers in a way that standard text and images on your website simply cannot.

Video Transcripts Can Be Indexed by Google

Video transcripts are another powerful way to increase your search rankings. Simply transcribe your video script and then place the text directly into the HTML of the page where your video is hosted. It’s highly unlikely your competitors are taking this extra step with their video content, so putting in this extra effort can easily put your brand ahead of the game. Creating a video transcript can also generate additional, shareable content for a page. You can highlight quotes or sentences from your video, or turn them into tweets or hooks for additional blog posts. You can also allow visitors to grab snippets of your content to share easily.

Videos are Incredibly Easy to Share

Videos are frequently shared on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Google is paying attention. Video content generates social signals (“likes” and “reshares”), and all this sharing can build valuable links back to your page. Consider sharing your video content in your blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, communities like Reddit and Tumblr, and anywhere else your relevant audience may be spending their time. The more exposure you can generate for your videos, the better.


Image source: shareaholic.com

As with any content marketing strategy, be sure to measure your video SEO efforts in order to capture your successes and make changes when something’s not working. You should also set a goal for your video campaign. Whether it’s to boost your website’s ranking in search results or lower your bounce rate, having a clear goal in mind will keep your video efforts on the right track.

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