Because Mobile search trends indicate growth at an accelerated rate, those that don’t take advantage of this digital evolution will be missing out on a lucrative opportunity. Mobile purchases are predicted to surpass desktop purchases, with an estimated $700 billion mobile purchasing via mobile by 2018. Nevertheless, very few businesses have yet taken advantage of the amazing potential of mobile marketing.

The Local Mobile Search Trend

With the constant availability of new smartphone devices, and the surge of “all things internet accessible”, most consumers have their smartphones attached to their hips at all times. Smartphones as well as tablets have become the center of today’s consumers’ multi-platform existence, making their mobile devices a smaller, more convenient version of their desktops. The new rules of today’s state of the art mobile devices serve a much more significant purpose that a substitute for desktop computers; they make communicating, shopping, dining, just about everything, far more convenient. Not only does this shift make it easy for them to live their lives and work, acting as a new age version of a remote control, it makes it easy for them to do just about everything, with a tap or a swipe which has also caused local search trends to grow.


Making It Easy For the Consumer

Because consumers now have the ability to connect from anywhere, 24/7, means that they now have the potential to be in the “interest” phase of buying something or signing up for services, only a convenient tap away from one merchant to another, reading reviews, finding out all the details about what they’re interested in, often bypassing the sales process all together. Consciously or subconsciously, consumers are always in the market for products or services of some sort. As a result of mobile and today’s search trends, online marketers will be missing out if they don’t continually engage with their prospective buyers.

Having an Easy To Use Mobile Presence
Due to the latest mobile search trends, it’s important that online marketers have an easy to use mobile presence and a surprising number haven’t stepped up yet. If your potential mobile customers arrive on your website via a mobile search result and it’s not optimized for mobile use, with tap they’ll be gone. Today’s online markets need to either have a mobile specific website set up or opt for a responsive desktop website design which will make it easy for consumers to buy or work with you.

Make Mobile Marketing a Priority

Anyone doing business online today needs to make mobile a priority. Today, over 60% of consumers have said that their smartphones are their online device of choice these days, a number that is expected to rise, feedback that demonstrates why mobile is so important. Provided with more powerful mobile measurement tools than ever before, online marketers now have the opportunity to dive into mobile marketing far more confidently and boost their ROI. When you consider today’s mobile search trends and mobile usage, it’s obvious that mobile is here to stay and that we all need to think about engaging with today’s mobile driven consumers. In other words, mobile marketing needs to become a part of each and every brand’s advertising and marketing strategies.

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