Is there a Google Update about to hit? Are the recent shifts in keyword rankings a sign that algorithms are set to unleash some more intelligent filtering and analysis of our sites and our content? There’s enoughgoogle update rumor chatter out there to warrant this bit of speculation.

The Big Question

But here’s the big question: how do you respond when you find out that the algorithms are about to get better at spotting fluff & bluff? What will you do when, instead of the normal, daily tweaks that Google makes, they actually accomplish a significant improvement in their ability to weed out duplicate copy, manipulated link-building, robotic comment spamming and the use of low-quality, keyword-stuffed content? What is your “Google Update Reaction Plan“?

Two response options when facing Google update rumors

  1. Quickly try to pull down your most offending stuff, and get even MORE creative in developing techniques to game Google. Get better at creating the illusion of quality, and the appearance of social engagement. Tighten your belt and innovate better fluff & bluff! Feel the desperation and anxiety, and just deal with it by telling yourself that no algorithm is sharp enough to uncover ALL of your tricks!
  2. Or… follow the update news with mild interest, while reminding yourself how happy you are that you chose (last year?) to begin building your marketing strategy around top notch marketing and brand building practices. Let the others scurry around placing disavow link codes, while you continue creating engaging content and deepening your conversation with your followers. Celebrate your move into modern marketing, and your move OUT of the old school approach.

If you’re a small or medium sized company (or even just one individual launching your own business), and you’ve been getting SEO and marketing “help” from a group that’s constantly dancing to the erratic tunes of the Algo-adjustment Juke, it’s time you upgrade. You can save time, money and a dinged-up reputation, if you’ll just move away from the black-and-grey hat stuff, and move TOWARD quality marketing that genuinely draws attention to the unique personality of your brand!