Google is the world’s biggest search engine and the world’s most popular. Do you remember Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’? Google is watching for you. As you can imagine, this invites quite a bit of criticism, and since it controls a lot of information there are going to be people or websites that it dislikes and that plain hates. What you do about that is up for debate.

Google hates you like fat people hate Lo-Salt

Let’s not dance around the cheese and get right to the mouse of the problem. Let’s just assume that Google hates you, that way the thought process were about to go through makes a lot of sense, and it means you can take the advice nearer the end of the article without being silly fool.

Every time Google creates an update they make a lot of money

Google have fought this accusation in the press, and it would have worked if it were not for their profit statements saying they had a massive spike in profits when the updates came out.

How come Google make more money when their updates come out?

First, let’s remember that the company is a massive one that has a lot of websites on its index. Google create updates and the Google dance occurs. This is where websites move up and down the search engine as it tries to adjust its index to fit the new rules.

This means that inevitably a lot of websites are shunted down the list. These websites now lose money fast so they have to go to Google AdWords and place adverts so they may run their advert and sell some stuff. Do not forget that the update spurs millions of people to start investing in Google AdWords at one time, and that is a very profitable thing for Google to have.

Google favors websites with affiliate advertising from Google Adsense. It is not a proven or given fact, but it would make a lot of sense if some of the money came from the fact that websites with Google Adsense were now nearer the top of the search engine results pages and getting more money as a result.

People keep trying to manipulate their search engine

This is one of their more legitimate reasons for wanting to change their search engine all time. They say they change it because people are always working to find new ways of manipulating their system, so they create updates to fight this sort of thing.

They have the most powerful weapon in communication history

Google are able to hate you all they like, and they are able to move websites around the search engine as they wish. They are in control, which means that even if you are removed from the Google search engine results, you should still start working to get back again. You should not just give up; you should try to get it right this time

The Internet is too big to manage like a Farmville farm

This is one of Google’s weaknesses, even though it does not need to mange every single website, it still cannot stop some from going up or down without adding a punishment or an exception to the algorithm (the second may be done sometimes). It is probably better if you create a backup plan and grow a life outside of Google too. That way you are getting traffic from the search engine and also from your outside efforts. This is the best back up plan ever because it will not ruin you if Google drops your place on the search engine results pages.

Go for direct traffic (banners, essay writing options, ads)

Getting direct traffic is the best way of going outside of Google. Getting traffic from other websites with links is a good idea, and if you have a link on other websites that is getting traffic then keep that up. Keep it up and learn from it so that you can repeat the same thing over and over. You should also test what you are doing to see if it can be improved or changed so that it does grow stale.

Play their game

Let’s face it, they are the big boys and they do own all the best toys. If it is not already, then there is clearly going to come a day when Google says you must have its social media this and tool that before it lets you rank up highly on the search engine results pages. So, your job is to sign up for the following Google things: Google+, YouTube, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Google Adsense.

This is a good idea for getting away from Google. You can also hire a company to do it all for you. Have it written in to the clause that you get a refund if they do not reach the very specific points you create. Google has tools and tips to help you make a comeback so use them too such as the “disavow links” tool.

Good luck with your Google relations!