If you run a small or medium sized company, chasing after a high ranking on the Google search results can be a frustrating quest. Even if you make it to page one for your targeted keywords with some intelligent SEO tactics, a shift in the algorithm can quickly undo your good work, hurtling you back to the depths of cyberspace.

So, while it is always good to improve your Google search ranking, it is crucial that you also make strides to increase your traffic from other channels. This is true for smaller companies most of all.

Here are some alternative strategies for targeted traffic building:

Push your content with an aggregator

That world class, keyword-pushing content that you religiously add to your site in order to make an impact on Google could be doing a lot more for your business. Namely, it could be listed on a content aggregator, bringing it to the attention of far more people in your target demographic. To achieve this, your content will have to be of very high quality: relevant, well-written and informative.

Social engagement

Over the last ten years, below-the-line comment sections and online forums have been plagued by businesses posting links to their websites in the middle of totally irrelevant conversations. While that sort of behaviour is bang out of order, using comments to link back to your website can be effective and smart when done properly.

Ensure that you read the article in full, see how it is relevant to your company and have an intelligent point to make. If you are good on all those counts, then post your comment, signed up with your real name. If the comment is interesting enough, people will filter through.

Become a great guest blogger

Perhaps one of the most powerful tools of inbound marketing is guest blogging. If you are an expert in your field and are capable of turning that expertise into entertaining content (or have somebody on staff who can), then you should be actively pursuing guest blog spots on more popular sites relevant to your industry.

A good guest blogger establishes themselves and, therefore, their company, as experts in their field. This means that, when customers go searching for your product or service, they will think of you and seek out your website.

Become a how-to guide video star

Whether the older generation likes it or not, video content is taking over the web. Utilising YouTube to bring traffic back to your site, therefore, is becoming just as important as social media. One always popular video is the how-to guide. Pick an issue that is relevant to your industry and shoot a short, clear tutorial talking people through it. Stick it up on YouTube and link it back to your site. In truth it only takes a little bit more work than written content and it can bring in far more traffic.

While driving your website up the Google rankings using smart SEO remains an astute tactic, it should not be the be-all and end-all of your online marketing efforts. Consider these alternative strategies for bringing hits to your website.